Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Busy Couple of Days

After getting the groceries & other erands finished in town this morning, I headed back home armed with hooks, screws & other associated implements that have been preventing me from getting things up on the walls! I decided it was time to attack the kitchen..... especially after unpacking more boxes yesterday & finding my beloved chook curtains (previously made for a past home - they have quite a story attached to them). So up went the curtains, up went my lovely kitchen clock (given to me by my daughter Stacey a couple of years ago for a birthday gift), & up went my chooks with the hangers!
Don't they look so pretty!!

There's still a couple of shelves yet to be fixed up properly, but the kitchen is just about done now.

So that leaves just about every other room in the house still to go LOL.
Now, if you cast your eyes downwards, you'll see a complete different story.......... does this look like somebody who is hankering to get sewing???? Surrounded by boxes!
Yesterday I decided I just had to get my sewing machine out of its box & up onto a table........ even if it meant having to move / unpack enough boxes just to fit the little white table into the room!!!! As you can see, surrounded by boxes :) No idea where the power point is in the room, can't see for all the stacked up boxes, so a long extension lead currently snakes its way out to the lounge room when I take a break from unpacking, weeding, paperwork etc to get some sewing done LOL. Of course I'm working on the dishcloths at night time ready for the dishcloth swap.


Terry said...

Oh Sharm, I love your looks so neat and clean and open and full of light and very inviting. Just needs us setting there enjoying a cuppa:) Thanks for sharing:)

About the sewing...when the urge (need) hits you just have to sew no matter what else needs done or is setting around (LOL)
Sew Girl Sew!!!!
Hugs Terry

Sharmayne said...

LOL Terry, I'm working on putting our country scents blocks together into a "snail mail holder". Will post a photo when it's finsihed!