Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Report

Apparently it's early Monday Morning ........ and the weekend is over!  I feel like I'm actually ready for it to begin.   All the things I had hoped to accomplish with FNSI  didn't  come close!  I did finish a lovely little crocheted market bag which will be a gift, so I can't show you just yet.,   and I did manage to cut out some larger hexie shapes of scrap yarn that I will be turning into a floor mat to put in the Christmas gift pile ....... which was partly what held me up soooo much!!  Trying to get a large hexie shape ......... seems I could use some larger hexie templates!!!  And I did manage a few more rows on my crochet blanket (Spice of Life).  
The monthly Yarrawonga market was on, and more plants were purchased - mostly some ground covers to use as some fillers in the front garden ....  Did I tell you the poppies are finally out and flowering again!  

..... more weeding took place and the usual washing and cleaning of house .......... but my weekend is over and I feel like it should just be beginning! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Back on the Bus

Today is a very much needed "not at work day" ...... which essentially means I'm based at home,
seeing to the home chores and errands that need to be done here ..... a nice way of saying cleaning, washing, groceries etc!  And thankfully no medical appointments for Dad today either.  Life has been a little chaotic of late and its nice to be able to take time to smell the roses!  I did actually have yesterday off work, but apart from the washing, and spending time chatting with Dad, I don't believe I managed anything else except to pick this lovely bunch of roses from the garden to put on my table.   I do like it when I get to have Fridays off - the house can get done just before the weekend hits and I can then use the weekend for spending time in the garden and in my craft cabin sewing or crocheting or just taking time out.

And this being the 3rd Friday of the month, its time again for FNSI with Wendy!  Join in with other bloggers from all over the world as we virtually sit together and stitch, sew, knit or crochet.

For those who might be following along with the Spice of Life Crochet Blanket - Part 5 is up ....... I hope to get it printed out today, although I still have another row to finish off part 4 yet.  Apparently it is quite a large section.  I always think it would be good to get the bigger sections done in the first part when everyone has the momentum and are hanging out waiting for the next bit, but oh well I know I will get it finished ....... I may even start another but in fewer colours - the photos I've seen of some of the variegated shades look fantastic!!

The past few months the weight from all the yummy winter eating has decided to stick to my hips and stomach!!  A shocking state of affairs to find my summer clothes are either  too tight or .... ahem.......not able to be done up ......... something needs to be done about that - And I don't mean buying the next size up, since we all know where that leads!!!  So its back on the bus for me ...... I've decided another hit of the 12WBT is the way to go since I managed to go from 85kg to 69kg with it previously ...... It looks so good when you put that down in writing and I was only 2kg away from my target weight when I allowed various forms of stress and family crisis situations to take over ....... basically, I put me at the bottom of the list, something women tend to do to themselves too often - we forget that if we don't have good health, energy and room to breath then our reserves continue to deplete!  So remember girls to look after yourselves so you can look after those you love and care for!   This time I have 5.8 kg to make my goal weight this time, but mostly it's about finding my mindset to book Me time to stay fit and healthy and enjoying life.
Big Hugs,  Sharm

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunny Sunday Arvo

It's a lovely peaceful, restful sunny Sunday Afternoon here at the cottage in Bundalong!
  It rained
all morning and so the sun is extra enjoyable this arvo with the birds out singing. 

 I've pulled out my Spice of Life Blanket to work on ....... Part 4 is almost complete and come Tuesday evening, the next section of the pattern will be released by Sandra of Cherry Heart.

Yesterday was busy with cleaning the house, getting the washing all done and then doing some work in the garden. 

With Spring everything is growing quickly, including the weeds, so I'm trying hard to keep on top of the gardens I managed to get cleaned up before I had to drive to Brisbane last week.  I'm sooo pleased I got so much accomplished before I left as the gardens are looking quite nice and Dad is really enjoying them!  I'm coming up with a few ideas for replacing the gardens that had to be pulled out when the front fence was done and also the fence around the chook yard.

While its been a busy week getting on top of appointments needed for Dad, things are beginning to find a rhythm.  Hopefully that rhythm continues to hum nicely as I head into my normal work hours this week.  I hope everyone else manages to have a nice week also!


Hugs Sharm

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I had put in to take a week to 10 days annual leave for last week in order to get the house and garden in order!  With all the sickness and other things that have been going on this year, the house was desperate for a good Spring clean, and the garden was more weeds than garden!  The place was making me feel quite depressed in it's untidy and rundown state.  So I've been busy weeding and cleaning up the garden, and had made a good start on the house - actually, I'd already started the decluttering and cleaning process a couple of weeks ago - which was when I realised I could use a good straight run at it all to get it sorted out quickly, rather than trying to fit it in here and there between working!  I'm sure you working gals know exactly what I'm talking about!!
Last week the Spice of Life Crochet Blanket started the actual process of making those first
stitches, and there have been photos everywhere of lovely blankets starting to come to life!  part 1 was getting all the supplies together which I blogged about earlier, this is where part 2 took us......
And now part 3 has just gotten underway. It's a fun and easy little blanket this far and I'm considering making a couple of others to put in the gift box ....... After I get through finishing some WIPs ........ Yep, Stonehaven and Park Slope are still on the needles, with slow progress....  Also a bit of gift making has started........

However, Dad had a couple of falls with the last one seeing him in hospital for a week while they managed to get his blood and iron levels back up.   Thankfully, no broken bones! He's about 2000 Kms away and no family really close that is able to help while he recovers, so he is down here with us for a few weeks.     I'm sooooo pleased I had already taken this time off work and managed to get most of the house and garden in order!  
 I  had intended to get this post out a week ago, but things are pretty busy around here and one week seems to be piling into the next........... so for now I will finish here and hopefully get to work on another post shortly ......... By the way, Scruffy says thankyou for all the lovely birthday wishes