Friday, May 28, 2010

Dishcloths from ........

Yep, more dishclothes have arrived............ this lot are from Deanna over in the US who has been very busy making lots of various types for her upcoming farmers market.  Deanna, my favourite is the colourful one - is this shell stitch you've used?  I've yet to try out the tunisian stitch, but it's on the list.  Isn't the round one so clever??
For those wondering where I've been this past week or so, it's been a hectic time - I've been sorting, building a filing cabinet (you know the kind - it comes as a flat pack from the warehouse with minature instructions) - it only took me around 6 hours (last wednesday) getting from flat pack to a working unit.......... but working it is - so of course, now has come the sorting of old files & organizing the new one (it's work in progress ).   And, I've started back at work at the hospital where I used to be before our interstate move to Townsville.  I'm on a casual contract for now, & only doing day shifts.  I've had a lovely welcome back there, which is really nice!  Meantime, I've managed to keep up with my sewing, but had trouble with my camera, yahoo & the computer the past few days, so any posting was put off.
It's raining here today, so the washing is all hanging around the fireplace on clothes airers drying beautifully. Well, I'm off to see to some more sewing & snail mail........... catch up with you all soon.
Hugs, Sharm

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pay It Forward Update

Thanks Sandra for popping down your name.  I'm still waiting on 2 more ladies.  I have the details/rules of Pay it Forward listed in the April blog archive, but basically the first 3 ladies to pop down their names is blessed with a homemade gift from me.  They must have a blog of their own, & they have to agree to pass on the blessing by hosting a pay it forward on their own blog.  You have a year in which to make the gift & post it out, although this usually happens alot quicker than that!  So here's hoping I get to see a couple more ladies interested in taking part.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Dishcloths

Another wonderful parcel of dishcloths arrived!  This time they have travelled from Janets place over in Indianna, USA.  A wonderful selection of colours - the top one is actually a real dark navy blue but seems to disappear in the photo.  I love the varigated colours.  I can't seem to get much colour selection here in the cotton, so the swap is giving me a lovely selection.  Thankyou so much Janet & yours should be ready for posting out in the next couple of days.  
I've made a note on the sidebar that lets those taking part know when I've received your dishcloths & when I send out to you. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

On Our Little Homestead

Before I begin - Many thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes, cards or little gifts.  You helped to make my day shine!  Including the wonderful phone call from my 2 grandchildren, Jarryn & Jacey!

As another week begins here for us on our small homestead, which by the way sits on just over the quarter acre, my mind focuses on the subject of Preparedness.  This is a subject that has been close to my heart for many, many years.  How prepared one might be depends on not just the person, but the character of the person & their mindset. Since we've now been here 7 weeks & the initial busyness of unpacking & such has diminished (though we still have plenty of boxes needing to be unpacked - once the kids are able to move their gear into their own place), This morning was the time to get onto making up a rough weekly time management plan.  Of course once I'm working part time at the hospital that will have to be incorporated into the plan as well - hence making an "adjustable plan" tends to work best.  My work days are never set in concrete, & the homestead and having us prepared is a big priority.  Who out there does not get prepared in some small way?  It might just be buying the bread to make the lunches the next day, or it may be having your lunches already sorted & menu planned for the next month.  The more you learn to extend the way you prepare for yourself & your family, the easier things will become - with time management & in times of need (loosing a job; a sick child or spouse; an economy downturn, flood, sudden increase in cost of food or fuel ....... the list goes on)   -( Deanna, over at Ourplainandsimplelife recently discussed this subject under the heading of "Gods forgotten people those who can't prep?' in response to people who mentioned they were unable to undertake preparations due to their circumstances. )
So being one who just can't seem to sit still, I decided the best way of attacking my new weekly time management plan was to undertake some other prep while contemplating what to do when - so out came the hexi template  to cut up ready for  One Flower Wednesday  and now I have a sheet of hexies already cut out + my time management plan for the week - which includes things like cleaning; spring cleaning of each of the rooms throughout the week; snail mail; groceries; craftwork; Ironing, gardening & such.  It's a rough plan with what needs to be fitted in each day & flexible enough that if I'm at work at the hospital for an 8 hr shift the days can be interchanged if its a "big day", or the majority fitted in.  For example: Mondays are a general clean up after the weekend & since I've decided that Tuesdays are my best day for heading to town for groceries & errands , then Monday is the perfect day to clean out the kitchen (yes, fridge & pantry check) so that anything old is removed & stock taken of what is there.  Monday is also the best day to work out the menu plan for the coming week (eventually that will be done on a monthly basis - which it used to be when our children were young & saves lots of money - if you can stay away from the supermarkets you'll save money!) A menu also includes morning teas & lunches so you know what baking you'll be doing & check you have all the ingredients on hand.  Since Tuesday will be my errand day, then last minute snail mail should also be attended to on Mondays, making a nice way to spend time in the afternoon with a cuppa after getting the kitchen spring cleaned & sorted during the morning :)   And if Monday is to be focused on the kitchen - then crafts to do with the kitchen can be worked on in the evening. 
Tues - Groceries, errands, bills, paperwork , deep clean of dining & lounge (where I do the paperwork) & the ironing - including iroining my fabrics to be used the next day for Flower making.
Wed - One Flower Wednesday ; Garden work, Deep clean of wet areas (bathroom, toilet, laundry)
Thurs - Is a Homesteading day working on th verandahs, craft room & tending to the needs of the homestead which might include making a batch of soap, jam, garden work etc etc
Fri - Good houseclean (which will not be too hard given the deep cleans going on during the week :) ); Deep clean to main b/r & other b/r;  craftwork is based on gift giving or bedroom needs
Sat - Washing/ gardening/ Dogs washed
Sunday - Sabbath/ Family & Friend orientated
Of course normal things getting done everyday includes the extra load of washing; my floors get done daily due to having inside dogs; general tidy up etc etc.    Still this may help some of you who have been asking for a bit of help in getting a routine initiated , which in turn will lead you into preparedness on many levels.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the Garden

Since yesterday so was hectic with phone calls conerning the dilemas that seem to occur when one is trying to rent out a house that is not selling (our place in Townsville that we moved out of in late March), I didn't get a chance to post my one flower wednesday.......... but I did manage to get one done :) I also managed to unpack my crocheted hexagons that are making up a crocheted flower garden! Neat hey.

So today I've been busy in the garden earlier this morning getting lots planted to try getting a garden happening here to attract the birds & insects, as well as give some fragrance, flowers & eventually some privacy along the side fence which looks out to a road that has several houses built along it.
Meantime, the dishcloths are slowly growing, getting ready to be posted out. First off there will 3 heading out to New Zealand tomorrow, so Karen, keep watch for them. Next, will be the collection for Deanna who has just made mention she has some packed up & shipped out on their way over here, so I know they'll be arriving very soon. I need to get my skates on & get a few more made up ready for the other ladies.

Right now I've got a big pot of soup bones going ready to make up some soup to have for dinner together with some homemade sausage rolls. The fire is going as it's beginning to cool down a little here now, so very soon it'll be time to go get the firewood in for the night & early tomorrow morning. A bit more baking & then some sewing sounds like a good way to complete the day.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blessings Showered Down!

I do hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! I have to say that I was spoilt, getting phone calls from children & grandchildren. Stace living locally, came to spend the day & also brought along a little gift:

Cow socks to keep my feet warm & a pretty necklace.

Today, my hens are finally feeling at home after being here a week, & are now happy to venture out & explore the "garden", which is gradually evolving, as we find places to put things & begin planting out various shrubs, trees etc etc.

You might notice in the photo that we now have some areas that are "prickle" free zones....... Hooray! If you look at the photos you'll see my little Eiffel Tower & garden bench which I'm trying to create a little garden around. The tree in the background is just so lovely with its Auntumn colours!

Dishcloth Swap: The first of the dishclots arrived today. 3 beautiful ones made by Karen over in New Zealand arrived on my doorstep today. The stitching is just sooooo clever & I'm afraid way above my level of expertise at this point. Thanks Karen, I can't wait to use them & I will have 3 on their way over to you within the week.

Speaking of Blessings: I'm still on the look out for 3 ladies to take part in the Pay It Forward. I signed up over at Terrys Life & now need to bless 3 other ladies......... any takers??

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

Here in Australia it's Wednesday, & so in keeping with the "one flower wednesday" idea of Karens (see the link on the side), I determined to have my very first attempt of paper piecing!! I figured if I started out at breakfast time, I might have a better chance of getting 1 whole flower made??? So, armed with the instructions for paper piecing & the templates (thanks Karen), off I went................. by late morning, after various breaks due to attending to this & that, I'm very proud to show off my very first flower, in the start of the "flower garden party"........... Taa Daa!!!!!
I can I'm going to be having fun using up lots of my scrappy bits to make up a wonderful flower garden!
Hugs to all,

Monday, May 3, 2010

What's New on the Homefront???

After Pete spending most of Saturday getting the chook pen completed, it was only fitting that I go & collect the girls
on Sunday! So may I introduce our 4
new girls - Mabel, the new hampshire,
Molly the little black pekin, Sally the golden silkie & our little white silkie, yet to be named by Stacey when she pops over. They seem to be settling in quite well, & while they were getting used to the lovely new pen, I was busy working in the garden & then taking some time out to work on a couple of my applique blocks for the Hearts & Hands Quilting project my snail mail group is working on.

So here are my blocks of teapots & apples. Just a little more stitching to go & they are finished & I'm up to date with it. Still working on my crocheted dishcloths for the swap so I'll be ready to post some out as soon as the first lot arrives. Next I need to get started on the baby quilt so it's made up before our little grandchild arrives in late July. Oh, & Pete also got the front fence finished off & the ground (which I'd weeded of those nasty prickles), was ready to be tilled................ I have the lavender bushes ready to put in, but just need to purchase my rose bushes first, so they can all go in at the same time & everything gets planted in the right spot. Once it gets going I should have a lovely front fenceline of lavender & roses!