Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Been a While

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted.  Sometimes though Life just gets busy and you need to prioritise.  Also having an internet connection that loads at the pace of snail does not help LOL.  I also notice that this is my 100th post!   
 Today the weather has cooled down after the past 2 weeks being rather warm.  The wind is chilly, and we hear there is a light snow fall up on the Mountains 3hrs from here..... so the fire is going and I've just finished a bit of baking! Nothing like a bit of baking to warm things up - mini apple pies and a large apple pie from some apples Pete collected from a roadside tree.... Yum    And Pumpkin scones - the pumpkin coming from a neighbour who swapped it for one of my soaps she was wanting LOL  For some reason we just didn't manage to grow any pumpkins here this year!
During the past month I finally managed to get my crocheted grandmothers flower garden afghan completed, made a little baby blanket for my nephew who was born last week over in New Zealand, been busy planting up an Autumn Vegie  garden, got some aprons and other bits sewn up.  I've also been working on getting that craft/study room a little more sorted out so I have a chance of being able to fit things into our house a little better!  Lots of decluttering has certainly been going on over the past 2 years that we've been here.  I'm looking forward to getting lots of things done during May as I've got  some time away from work to spend here at home, which will be sooooo fabulous.  I'm such a home body LOL.