Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Snippets

This was the 3rd Friday of the month which meant joining in with other gals from around the world for FNSI.  My stitching tended to extend over the entire weekend in bits and pieces here and there ......... I got some more embroidery done on the centre piece for my blog table cloth ....... I'm ready to begin working on some hexies for the flower petals now, and hoping to have enough friends who are keen to embroider their names onto a hexie to make the centres. (If you are interested, please read this post - I'd love to have friends names on my tablecloth in my craft cabin). 

Magic Loop Success!
After quite the challenge, I finally worked out how to do the knitting "magic loop" which enables you to "join" 6 stitches on a circular needle!  Finally I'm now making progress on a beanie for a Christmas gift!  At least, I sure hope it works out ok..... guess we shall see.

And also managed progress on my Park Slope top, getting the waistband completed.  Just have the neck and sleeves left to finish, but I'm happy with how it's looking this far....... what do you think?

 Turned out to be a busy, but enjoyable weekend as  we ended up heading  out for dinner on Friday night,   and then on Saturday afternoon called in for a wonderful catch up with some friends before they get busy with harvest, ...... Sunday we spent some time tending  to the garden - the grass and weeds are just growing like wildfire at the moment!  I've moved my swing chair ........ currently searching for just the right place, you know - morning sun and afternoon shade as Summer heads towards us!  I'm not sure I have it quite right yet, this spot seemed to be getting more and more sun as the afternoon extended.  What a shame the weekend is over so quickly! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Get yourselves ready for FNSI with Wendy this coming Friday!  I'm looking forward to getting some sewing and knitting done along with all the other girls in blogland who will stitching along together.  Why not come and join in ...... head over via the link and pop your name down and then go and visit everyone to see what they are making!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Blogging Table Cloth

First of all lets start with the finishes ...... I'd forgotten to take photos of the rainbow market bag I crocheted for Daughter for her Birthday back in October (also forgot to list it as a finish) .... so Stace took a couple of photos for me to put up.  It worked up quite well and goes with the theme of her rainbow blanket I did earlier for her.

The Spice of Life CAL run by Sandra from Cherry Heart Blog has come to a finish, although the free pattern remains on her blog and I know there are many working on new blankets of various colours.

Anyhow, I got mine finished off, including the border which I think finishes it off and brings all the colours together. I'm pleased with how its come out and  I enjoyed doing this blanket and I'm thinking I'll do at least one other of this pattern, but not till next year, and likely in about half the number of colours.
And while we are up near the chook pen, come and have a peek at our two new additions......

 Little Mary has been sitting on eggs of the non fertile type for the past couple of weeks, and when we went to the Yarrawonga Market yesterday they had "Day olds" for sale ...... Pete picked the
stripey one and has called it Jacey, and I picked the other little one which has a grey blue down to it and have name it Joy.  They have bonded really well and Mary is quite protective of her new babies....
Aren't they just sooooooo cute!!  All is right in the world when baby chicks are there.

I also decided to begin on a new sewing project for my craft cabin ...... I want a new table cloth for the table in there.  I've been thinking a lot about hexies of late, working out what I might make ... and I've decided it would be a good idea to incorporate some hexie love into the table cloth.   My plan is to have my blog name embroidered in the middle and surround it with large hexie flowers.  To add a bit of a spin to it though, I thought how nice it would be if I had the centres of some of the flowers with my crafting and blogging friends embroidered into the centre.  So I'm putting it out there and asking if any of you might like to embroider your name onto a single hexie and post it out to me so I can add the petals to it to make the flowers.  I have the materials already picked for the flower petals, so all I need are the centre hexies with your names (and town or state or country you live in, if you want to add that).   The finished hexie size is 2.5inches ( that is 2.5 in along each finished hexie side).  They will need to be done in white, cream, calico, pale lemon or pale yellow ....... something like this......

Here is the centre I'm working on ......... I'll be adding more to it as I go......   I just think it would be nice to have a Blogging Table Cloth on my table with friends names embroidered on who share a love of crafting and blogging.
  If you are keen to be part of my table cloth then either leave a comment or email me (  and use the title Blog Table Cloth.   But for now, its time for me to finish getting ready and head out the door to work!
I hope you have an amazing day and I do hope I'll have friends wanting to work on this with me ....... perhaps I should start thinking of other things I can embroider into the centres  just in case I get no responses


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Now, if by any chance there are people out there still reading my blog, you may well have guessed
things have been a little crazy around here...... again...... perhaps I just have to come to terms with crazy being my "normal"!  Anyhoo ..... Another trip up to Brisbane, this time the plan was to help Dad move into a little unit in Wynnum on the Bayside .  With an early morning flight booked, Hubby made the wonderful suggestion that  Dad and I should go down the night before and  stay in a motel close to the airport - what a blessing that turned out to be!! And even better yet, Stace was able to drive over to see us at the motel for a bit !
at Cleveland
Having moved soooo many times myself, I like to be somewhat organised, so -- before we left, knowing I only get so much time off work to do these things, everything was finely tuned - removalist booked, solicitor booked for signing of contracts, Telstra booked after 4 phonecalls and 2 hours trying to explain that yes, he does only have a landline, no mobile, no internet, no NBN ......its just a landline!!!  To cut an extremely long and painful story short - the real estate agent we have been dealing with over the past 10 months didn't give us accurate info - or pictures - we did get pictures of the next door court yard, and we did get photos that must have been taken a very long time ago, like when the carpet was new and not needing to be pulled up
Looking back towards Wynnum
and thrown out....... yarda, yarda, yarda ....... equals no contract signed and fun cancelling everything!  Gather our thoughts together and move along.......
 So Dad is settling back into his place after his month long recovery holiday down here with us.   And, instead of packing and moving, we took some time to go down to the bay one day and enjoy some down time while we got our heads back into current reality and did the whole "where to from now".  We planted Scarlet Runner Beans at his unit and did a bit of a rearrangement of stuff and made plans for him to come down for another visit in a few months instead.

Thankfully, he is in much better health than when I had to go and collect him after discharge from the hospital, so that is a big positive!!  He had such a lovely time down here (apart from feeling the cold), absolutely loved the garden (his favourites were these scarlet colored roses and the purple poppies), and sitting out on our front veranda watching everything going on


..... he and Scruffy became quite good friends, and Scruffy has been missing having his friend with him all day, especially when everyone is at work.  It's been nice to have these weeks with Dad and talk of things long since past, as well as him get to know how our daily life tends to click on by.