Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Easter 2022


Happy Hoppy Easter to you all ........... I hope you've had a lovely few days whatever you've been up to!  

We had originally thought we would go camping, but alas there were things needing be done around the home front - I sure hope I can get away camping before too long but I don't like my chances.

Meantime I worked on some of my Spinning over the weekend while I learn how to keep the momentum going - the yarn is still thick and thin in lots of places but I'm really enjoying the process and find it rather relaxing!  

   My bobbin is almost full now and I've had a go at adding in some of the colourful stuff I have on hand  - This is the bobbin part way into me getting it going.  I'm going to need more bobbins by looks of things as the ones I have here obviously went with one of the wheels that Pete off loaded before we left Maryborough.  One of the ladies from the Wangaratta Spinners mentioned she had some spares that she would be willing to sell cheaper than getting new ones.

I've been trying to get out walking more with the start of April and with my 60th Birthday getting closer - I'd like to be a little fitter again, not to mention get my weight under control once again and be able to fit into clothes I have in my wardrobe!! 


I went for a walk across the Bridge at Yarrawonga the other day whilst I was in there which was lovely - such a beautiful day and looking across Lake Mulwala it looked just perfect!

The hardest part about walking is Just getting out the door and doing it!!  It really needs to be part of my daily routine but I'm struggling with what routine actually looks like with Hubby at home as I find things can change very quickly lol.

Keeping motivated seems to be the key ........ I've had a thing popping up in my Facebook feed for a while now ........ The Conquerors Challenge ......

 but the other day it had one based on The Lord of the Rings ........... I'm  afraid I have been a Tolkein Fan sine I was about 14 and it hasn't changed in all these years!  I still enjoy reading the books as well as watching the movies (which as usual miss out much of the story). 

So............ I bit the bullet  yesterday and decided to take on "The Shire" Challenge for a bit of fun and motivation.  It has an app that you follow along with to see where you are on the map, and with each bit of exercise you get a bit more of the storyThe best bit is that all types of exercise count so not just walking or bike riding .....     Anyhow I think its a bit  of fun 
Adding to the fun and with it just starting to rain yesterday I took this photo thinking it would make a good avatar for this challenge ..... what do you think?

Seems yesterday it was so overcast that the internet didn't want to work properly so I never got to finish this post ...............
And today we've woken to rain - thankfully the new shed roof that Pete put on at the start of the Easter weekend is weather tight!!! 
 Hooray - Such a relief, as the first roof he did got a buckle in the iron and we had water pouring through over everything, so had to bite the bullet so to speak and he took it off on Good Friday and put a different type of iron on this time which seems to have worked ..... and just in time!   
My garden will enjoy the rain ...... the front garden has come on well in the past six months and I've just put in a new garden out by the pool  which is still a work in progress but hopefully finished in time for my birthday celebrations in May.     

Friday, April 8, 2022

No Way!


It just simply can't be APRIL already!!  That means we have been here in the new house just on 6 months a
couple of days ago!!  Perhaps its because we've been keeping so super busy that the time has flown by so quickly??  For sure there have been a number of things we've had to do here on this place that we hadn't planned on (or for)!  Just last night we had the plumber here - 2 of the toilets which we had thought would just need new seals in the cisterns actually required us purchasing 2 new toilets and having the old ones removed and the newbies installed!  Last week a gas leak out the front from a worn O ring that required the emergency call to the Gas company to have it seen to immediately .... the list goes on of bits and pieces of worn out stuff needing either repairs or replacements - Still, that's what happens when you move (so lets not move for a long time!!!)   Anyhow ......onto OPAM with March finishes :

Woodland Table Runner (Sewing
)   John's Beanie (Knit)   Miss Potter Shawl (Knit) ....... 

I'd been a bit worried that the beanie wouldn't fit John and since they live far away from us no way I could check the fit .... so once they arrived by post they both tried on the Beanies I'd made for them - they fit!!! Hooray  and they like them !!!  These guys are very knit/ sew/ crochet worthy as they always appreciate handmade items and often put in requests which is a little bit special ❤️😊  Hard to believe they will be down here in less than 2 months!!

I nearly had another finish with the Summer Knitted Tee that I was testing for Fogbound Knits but it ended up being finished on April 1st.  I used Bendigo Cotton which is 100% cotton in an 8ply.  Bendi
Cotton has a lovely feel to it compared to lots of other cottons, but it was hard knitting - I much prefer to crochet with Cotton I've decided!!  Hubby did the photo shoot which ended up being quite funny - so I decided to just put the whole lot together as one!  As you can see above ....... and here it is hanging on the line drying ....  The pattern is Kitty Hawk by Fogbound Knits (Laura Aylor) and since its just been released today - its on special for a few days!

The vegie garden is pretty much finished apart from 3 more rockmelons which are close to picking ....... then it will be dug over and we might pop in some peas, garlic ?? I've seen too many white moths around to think about putting in cauliflower or broccoli.

I'm having a party in May for my "big" birthday so I need to get the rest of the boxes unpacked and things cleared up in and outside the house if we are going to be having a party!!  In some respects I think I'd prefer to go somewhere so as not to have to do much, but having it at home means not having to be on a time limit..... so back to at least having things clear lol

I have a number of projects to work on and things I will need to get made up over the next few months, but my knitting bug can't be tamed at present and I've picked up a WIP from last year in the hope of getting it finished this month!  I started working on this last year - when we had planned to come down this way to look around and see if we wanted to move back and if so, check out what was for sale ..........  We had thought we would be down for at least 3 weeks but that changed rather quickly with COVID stuff and starting the process of getting our last house up for sale and things packed up ........ It's a dream to knit during the cooler weather as one of the yarns I'm using is Bunny Mink and its just so soft and fluffy!!!  It should be lovely and warm ........ just hoping I can loose the weight I've put on in the past year so it fits me!!  
And then cast on for a beanie for myself this morning in the hope of getting it done by end of Easter .......I'm using a fingering weight (4ply) Wollmeise yarn in variegated so not sure what the finished look will be depending on  where the pooling takes effect - should be interesting to see it grow, and hopefully I like the finished result!!

OH......... And I finally got to a Spinners group this week - the Wangaratta Spinners as I ran into an old friend that I knew from when I had started to learn a number of years ago and came over to the Corowa Spinners which disbanded with Covid and not being able to have a premises to use - so I went with Sue to visit the Wang one and a fellow there was able to fix the little issue I was having with my Ashford which means I can now get back to practising some spinning ............ maybe I'll have something to share with you next time.   Till then, Take care my friends and enjoy the upcoming weekend!  Easter is just around the corner!!