Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Soaps are Selling

Well it seems my handmade soaps are prooving popular!  I'm getting orders left right & center which is fabulous & I want to thank those of you who have given me the initial support to get started on this.  I've started up a new blog, Hazelmere Essence ,  specifically dedicated to my soap business and I do hope you will stop by it some time and let me know how you find it.  It is still very much in its early days with its first post being published today, so you will no doubt see various changes happening to it over time.
With more orders coming in, guess you will find me stirring up new batches.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Internet Finally Up & Working Again!!

Wow, I can hardly believe it.............. after almost 1month, Finally, Finally I have internet connection again!!!   I know we live in the country, but seriously,  3 different USB devises and approx 12 hrs of talking with Big Pond/Telstra technicians spread over the past month, it was beginning to get to the ridiculous stage!!!   So................. my apologies to all who have been wondering just what has been going on.  For those wondering about our son, & his partner & our grandkids up in Townsville with the Cyclone.......... they were all fine & the only damage to our house up there was a sign blown away from the pool gate & some serious tree pruning.  No other damage!!!   At least not up there..................... in the meantime, here in Vic, we've had alot of rain & flooding & while the floods stayed away, the heavy rains have left their mark with lots of damage done to the verandahs here with pavers disappearing together with the sand & whatever else was holding it all together.................... one needs to walk very carefully when crossing into & out of the house.  We are waiting on builders & insurance assessors to get things moving ahead before it all washes away!  So much has been happening in the time we have been "off line", its hard to even know where to begin.  Last week Pete lost his job, thanks be to God, that this week he has started work elsewhere, a little further away from home, but work is work.  Lots of preserving has been happening & thankfully we managed to get a lovely crop of tomatoes & onions to make up relish before the vegie garden sat in 8 inches of water.  Can you guess  that we have decided we might need to raise it up a tad for next year.... hmmmm, well now, whats another job added to the list???  Well I feel I should finish here & get checking emails & such while I can............... who knows if the internet will still be working come tomorrow???  
Love & Hugs to you all