Friday, May 22, 2020

Out From Under the Rock

It's been quite a while ..... Months in fact since I've sat in front of my computer looking at my blog or
reading /visiting anyone else ......... And it has nothing to do with COVID!  It has to do with me having had such a struggle with the move, the new position with work, changing to full time work whilst doing the move and in between having major events taking place!   There are still boxes needing to be unpacked, things to go up on walls and lots of stuff that still needs to find a home to live ........ I've been lacking organisation ........ apparently that's what I thrive on and when its not happening at home or at work or in any part of my life I've discovered I just don't do so well!!!  Anyhow that's something for me to get working on so I can get back to enjoying life instead of dragging myself through each day!!!  But for now I probs should do a very brisk catch up ........  
December - We moved into the house here on the 2nd Dec and it was chaos!!  Too much stuff into a smaller house and yard (which didn't help with feeling organised!) No shed for Petes many items so lots of stuff was just anywhere where there was vacant space!!  Dad came up for a week over Christmas New Year and my new job started the week before we moved.  

Mid January saw us fly down to Melbourne for daughters Engagement Party!  It was a whirlwind weekend but it went off fabulously.  A great celebration in one of the parks along the Foreshore.

Early February saw  Stace & John move up from Melbourne to Brisbane to live.  They left during the fires down south  bypassing smoke and flames at Canberra, and then ran into storms and flooding after staying overnight just out of Sydney and had to bypass floods all the rest of the way to Brisbane.  It was great to have them move closer and we were able to drop off quite a number of boxes and items we've been "looking after" for the past few years!  (and it helped here with our space situation).  Later in Feb it was our 35th wedding anniversary and it was so nice to have Stace and John come up for the weekend to see our new house and celebrate with us!

We didn't get away in Feb for our anniversary so instead I took a week of leave in early March and we headed out to Cania Gorge & Dam for a couple of days.  Unfortunately it decided to rain for most of that time, but it was lovely to get away and we had fun with the wildlife, fishing and talking to the cattle that think the road is for their private use lol 
There was also a Bridal Expo to attend in Brisbane with daughter and one of her bridesmaids (Cassie has been a close friend since the 2 of them me at pre school! 

In between there have been housing projects with some repairs, installations of solar, carports, re roofing of the outdoor area, re doing storm water, pool pump repairs, and lots of other bits and pieces as we gradually work out where things will go and what needs doing!  I'm hoping I've crawled out from under the rock and can find my "joy" once again (unfortunately I also came out from under the rock with an extra few kgs on board ........).  Gradually I will make my way back around some of the other blogs I used to visit and hopefully get back to my blogging again.  I'll finish here and hope that I'm able to add some photos (the phone and laptop don't seem to be communicating very well when it comes to downloading photos!!!) I'm not sure why technology has to be so painfully hard at times!!
From the Engagement Party/BBQ
For now that's the quick catch up
Hugs Sharm .........  It seems I'm still having trouble with photos downloading to my new laptop & onto Blogger so I'll see if I can find another program to download photos from my phone to use here

Water Show at Hervey Bay


Maria said...

Welcome back Sharn. Sure was a huge catch up reading both your posts...
In time things will get organised.
sounds like Dad had a lovely stay with you..
Be great to see your place when you are more settled.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

It was nice to find you in my mail box again. Welcome back :)

Helen said...

Lovely to catchup again like you I have been away from blogging. I enjoyed reading your catch up post.

Lynda said...

Good to read an update! Hope you can keep on top of things.

I'll get that letter to you soon :)

I have trouble loading photos to Blogger from the Edge browser, so have to go back to Internet Explorer to do the photos. A bit inconvenient, but it works. xx

Narelle said...

Nice to catch up. I hope things are settling down a little for you.