Sunday, September 30, 2018

Catching Up

I see it's been a couple of months since I last posted here - and it's been busy!  Firstly though, thankyou to those friends who have checked in on us, it is really appreciated! So rather than a big long story, I might just put in a few highlights with photos.  You see I also need to write a couple of letters and this way those that enjoy the snail mail will get the details and those that visit the blog will get to enjoy the photos!
 For those wondering about my work - I've moved on from the nursing home and am now finally at the hospital in Maryborough!

We also decided to trade in the

Pajero and get a smaller car (newer model and still under warranty for the next 6yrs!).  That took a good few weeks of doing the rounds of the car yards both here and at the Bay!  So I now have a lovely little Kia Cerato Sports!

   We now have a deck at the back door!  What a difference and how great does it look!  Pete saved us quite a few $$ by doing all the building work!

Yes, we've had family visiting too!   Stace up from Melbourne and Jaron, Renee and the grandies down from Townsville to help celebrate Pete turning 70 this month!
On the Urangan Pier
Nightly Board Games while they were all visiting!
Old Friends Denis and Chrissy with Jaron and Stace - Stace was just turning 3 when we met Denis!
 Petes birthday celebration on the Saturday - a lunch time get together with the family and the couple of friends that we have already made! (I've yet to get the rest of the photos up)
New friends Trevor, Annette and Sharon (Mel somehow escaped the photo)

 Maryborough even had a street party on in the city centre while they were here, which added a nice highlight!

Family Photo Time
We said goodbye to Jaron, Nay and the grandies on the Sunday (they could only stay a couple of days before having to make the 12 hour drive back to Townsville for work).  Stace had managed to get 10days off and it was lovely to have that extra bit of time with her ...... she flew out from the Sunshine Coast so we had to take advantage of a photo with the surf!
The following Day we had my sister Kathy, her hubbie and their 5 children arrive from New Zealand.  They had stopped in Brisbane before coming up and brought Dad up with them to stay in a little/big house they had rented not far from Maryborough.  It was great getting to catch up with them and first time meeting the nieces and nephews!

Our 3 nieces and 2 nephews - loved getting to meet them in person xo
Running/ Walking (prob more walking lol) is still on the exercise front
And yep the vegie garden is thriving ....... currently picking peas, yellow zucchini and butter beans!
Poor old Sruffy however, has slowed right down.  The vet has him on antibiotics which will be long term.  He is still eating , drinking and gets excited when he thinks we may be going somewhere, or when we get home from being out.,    but he is getting very tired.   He turned 16yrs old this month and he is feeling his age.  He was sooooo happy to have had most of his family come to his new home to see him 

So thats the quick catch up for August and September!  Catch you all again very soon