Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Page Starts

Like many of you, I too made some goals for this year, some of which would come under the heading of further organizing my home, time, garden & craftwork. Particularly since we had the big interstate move just 9months ago & things are still finding "homes" to live, so.......... With the first week of January almost over I'm pleased to say that I've made a good start.  I  also decided in an effort to keep on top of those organizational goals I would start a new page on my blog devoted entirely to this subject.  Then I got thinking that just maybe there would be some other gals out there who just might like to "take this trip" right along with me, so I've added a little button to my side bar.............. so if this sparks your interest just click on the button & have a read, then if you want to continue on with me, leave me a comment with your name & title of your blog, then pop the button onto your blog with a link back to me.  And since its always nice to recieve a little bit of encouragement, every 6 wks I will randomly choose a participant who has my button on their blog to receive a little gift.  Happy Organizing! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting into the Garden

Round here the New Year has begun with getting stuck into the garden.  I've been busy weeding, mulching, digging, transplanting the good grass & digging out those horrible prickes (3 prong jacks) that covered our entire yard just 8months ago.
The grass has been cleared & miniature white agapanthas planted under these standard roses

Check out these 2 beauties that Pete gave me for Christmas - they are now living out in the back garden

So I finally marked out where the pond would go & started the digging process

And thankfully Pete came to the rescue to help with the rest of the digging

This is in the front garden (around the rose garden where Muffin & Gramps have their "resting" spots).  The concreting is yet to be done - in between harvesting various vegies from the vegie garden & starting on the preserving.  I popped in some strawberry plants into the vegie garden when we were just starting to set up the new yard a few months back - and now I would like to move them into a bed of their own.  So the excavations from the pond came in useful ..............

The proposed strawberry patch

If you look behind you can see part of the rose & lavender front garden which is now starting to flourish.  I've also managed to get it mulched over the past few days.  Here is one of the roses in close up - Julias Rose

With all the time being spent out in the garden, I really need to get to work on a few things around the house - washing some of these windows & reorganizing the cupboards :)