Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November nearly Over!

Well now, since I last blogged, I have managed to get out my Secret Santa which was being run by Chookyblue.  It's been posted off to a far off destination overseas and until my partner receives it and opens it up I'm afraid I can't really share what's in the package................

How the time has flown since we got back from our Holidays!  Pete and I both had the good part of a week still to go before heading back to work, and while I had thought I'd get lots of sewing and sorting done, I had forgotten that when dear hubbie is also on days off, that usually means I take on the Jacaroo and apprentice drill................ I'm sure some of you know just what I'm talking about here............. so, I helped with some fencing, clearing, running off in the car to pick up this, that and the other, assisted with the numerous calls for "just come and hold this for a minute",  which most good wives know that means I'm about to loose at least an hour from what I'm in the midst of doing LOL   Anyhow my dear hubbie achieved some things that did need doing and the back fence being replaced with colourbond has given us some lovely extra privacy and has also cut down on the wind that used to come ripping through the back!!  It's so lovely to have that private back yard feel!

In the meantime there was a lot of excitement when I had 2 large boxes arrive here the other day...... prizes from the 12 week programme hero award that I had won...... I had no idea what was coming and WOW...... absolutely amazed, definitely spoilt and I'm certainly enjoying trying out all the new appliances and gadgets!!   I'm certainly feeling like its already Christmas!  and Very blessed!!

Scarlets little chicks have been growing well and with 3 of them looking like they just might be up and coming roosters, it was time to say goodbye to these 3 who were headed back to the fellow where the eggs came from!  He had asked that if there were any roosters if he could possibly have them if I was not wanting them........ so rather than me continue to feed them and keep them in the
little chook house which was going to get mighty tight for space, I decided I would say goodbye to them now.  So they got to come to me to work to the hospital office (only in the country!!!) and we listened to all the cheaping from them until they were collected later in the morning LOL
Scarlet still has 4 of her chicks with her,  no doubt making it a little easier for her to find the extra food around the garden, and not to mention I'm sure they have a bit more room under her wings at night now !

I'm also busy doing some very secret sewing for dear daughter for Christmas, and since she doesn't tend to read blogs, I''m pretty safe in mentioning it, but I won't show any pics just yet......  But I can show you another different Christmas decoration I've finished for a kris kringle Christmas decoration swap on a Facebook Group.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out, so plan to do a couple more of these.....

Well, now I must go and get ready as I have a friend coming over today for some crochet fun....
Take care,   Sharm

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back from Holidays

Its amazing how rested you can become in such a short time when things just go well!  My last post I shared some  of Glenlyon Dam..... and I thought I'd share just a little more, plus a flower for Wednesday.  Here I am in Lyn's Home (my penfriend from Tenterfield), working on my One Flower Wednesday Hexies

When we stayed with our friends Colleen and Brendan in Brisbane, their cat cuddles took a liking to Pete.  Everytime Pete was around, Cuddles was right there with him!  Not bad for somebody who is not usually a cat person LOL
 Then the biggest surprise came when I received notification to say I had been nominated, and won a Hero Award
I had been taking part in the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Program, and set up a Facebook Group for those girls over 50yrs that were doing it as well.   I was unable to make it to Sydney to receive the award on stage , but luckily the girls from Brisbane had organised a time for us to meet up in person at Southbank! 

 Nice Time out in the boat fishing............. shame we didn't catch anything!

But we did see this eagles nest high up in the gum trees above one of the large banks in a  secluded area of the lake.

But all good things must come to an end, and before long it was time to make the trip back home. Coming back we went via the New England Highway Until we got to here and then turned towards the Newell!  With so many signs to various places, I thought of all my blogging friends, my Facebook Friends, My Snail Mail friends that live in so many different places, and waved to those of you whose towns we saw signs to.

And as you can see, we were back just in time for One Flower Wednesday........... this time with 3 lovely little flowers to show..... 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Enjoying Holidays

Hubbie and I are currently enjoying a much needed holiday! travelling around the countryside for 10 days or so.....
Almost ready to leave home

Coming into Moree, although most towns along the Newell Hwy have these silos present....
View from our cabin at Glenlyon Dam between Texax, QLD & Tenterfield, NSW.  Unfortunately we didn't manage to catch any fish, but the kangaroos were very tame .....  They came for a piece of bread each morning!

Also finally got to meet up in person with one of my snail mail pen pals..... This is Lyn in her lovely kitchen...... We got to spend a whole day together, chatting, gardening, and sewing.  The hubbies went out fishing together and we had a lovely meal with them that night!  Big Thankyou Lyn for your lovely hospitality and a wonderful time!
And so our holiday continues as we head to Brsbane to catch up briefly with family and just a couple of friends this time around.  Also for a special event that I will share with you next time.
Of course, my hand sewing is with me also. LOL