Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Son's Wedding......... Congrats to Jaron & Renee

The long awaited union of Jaron & Renee was finally held in Townsville, Queensland on Saturday September 3rd!  The whole thing went really well and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Now we can finally, officially call Renee our daughter :) The children were also made a part of it....... Little Jarryn as you can see above helped with rings...
Little Jacey made a somewhat reluctant flower girl, but luckily her big brother was there to give her encouragement as they made the entrance ahead of the wedding party
While Jaxson kept them all under control !
So here are just a few various photos for you all to enjoy........... those of you from the old stomping ground of Wynnum North will enjoy this as  those who could make it up there came together to celebrate the big day............. Hope you enjoy these
"The Boys" from back Mark, PJ, Jaron holding Jaxson, Cameron, Simon in front & Little Jarryn 

Sharmayne & Jodie

Jodie & Cameron

The Wynnum North Gang" -  Joel, Cameron, Jaron & Simon (and still the same when they get together! LOL)

Sharmayne, Dad & Stepmum (Kevin & Heather - who spent 1 1/2 days travelling by train to get there)

The newly weds

Stace with "nerves of steel" as she read the poem (if PJ looks a little worried.... well he was getting ready to catch her when it looked like the nerves were ready to have a melt down - luckily she did manage to make it through)

Simon & Nakita watching as Little Jarryn added his name to the witnesses. Jaron & Renne are behind with her sister Emma & friend Jaimee beside

Joel............. and yes, that's Jodie watching the goings on

PJ & Mark throwing Jaron in the air

Now official sisters - Renee & Stacey

Heather, PJ, Me & Dad

Nay & Sharm

With my little grandson - trying to enjoy the short few hours we had with them

And finally ........... Yep that's Pete & Me just before we headed out for it all!