Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Tiny Addition

We are in the process of converting our single carport into a little cosy retreat which will also be used by friends and family when they come to visit. When we don't have friends staying over, it will be my little sanctuary, and I'm loving the way its shaping up.  If you want to peek at a few more pics of it, then head over to my other blog and get a really good look.  It's come quite a way along since this photo was taken....... although its something that can only be worked on from time to time when Pete is not working and materials are at hand.
I was madly working on some crochet during Feb, but unfortunately the little market bag I was working on didn't quite get finished in time for end of month.  I have it almost complete now with just handles to be sewn into place and I want to pop on a nice crocheted flower to finish it off.  Then it will be going into the chest I've decided to use for storing handmade gifts in, instead of spare sheets and old blankets.......... just not quite sure where they are going just yet, but if dear daughter moves out in the near future, then storing them won't be quite the same issue LOL.
I've definitely caught the yarn bug, because I'm also working on hitchhiker scarf which will be for me, and thanks to Ravelry I've seen a very colourful afghan that is looking like it will make a great crochet project for over Autumn and Winter.  It's called  Mixed Stitch Stipey Blanket crochet-a-long  and here is a pic of the one done by the designer.  Hope mine comes out looking as good!