Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't need any Gym here

My workout this weekend was a combination of digging & fencing. Definately no need for a gym membership when you are working on building up a homestead! I remember now why I must have been so much fitter whenever we lived in the country on a bigger than suburbia block LOL No wonder I put weight on up in Townsville................

See these horrible little prickles, with the tiny needles
that make you jump sky high............ well they
pretty much cover 90 percent of our yard. I was lucky enough to be able to spend 5 hours
digging out various patches on Saturday.........
like along the fenceline where we are trying todo the fence, and making "safe zones" for the poor dogs to be able to walk on some parts of the yard!!!

PJ spent a good few hours last week digging them out around part of the back yard to make pathways to the sheds, out the back door & a couple of places under garden benches so you can actually sit there! So we have various piles of these lovely things over areas where we've been working on them. Sure gives you a good work out with the constant shovelling.

The little building you can see is the future chook pen. After digging out the prickles on one side of it I was able to put in the start of a nice little garden.


Terry said...

Oh My...lots of work you have done. You will be ready to go back to work to rest (LOL).
Well maybe you should take a day or two and sew, kind of a little reward to yourself:)
Can't wait to see some pics of chooks around that littl building :)

Sharmayne said...

LOL! Have just made some room for a small table to put the sewing machine on, so think I might just get some sewing started after all! As for the chooks... very soon I hope, just have to wait for Pete to build a door for the pen & put up a bit more wire on it & then...... ooohhhh, can't wait to get my dear little hens clucking around the yard:)