Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sewing Time

Saturday turned out to be quite a wet rainy day, so after Pete & I making a trip into Wangaratta for various things, the afternoon was just perfect weather for sewing! Out came the signature blocks I'd been working on putting together to make a snail mail holder! The blocks were made by ladies in my snail mail group to celebrate our 2nd year group anniversary. Don't they look great. So it seemed fitting to put them together to hold all the snail mail. There are several pockets of various sizes, so I can also fit in some light weight packages (as it hangs on the wall) in readiness for sending to friends - like dishcloths for example LOL.
I also managed to get Petes new work jeans taken up & a few other "jobs" done - yes, all sewn up amidst the boxes LOL Now its time to get Stacey's quilt finally finished. Poor thing has been waiting such a long time for her quilt (which was originally to be a single bed & had to be changed to a double bed size). Maybe this arvo if I get some paperwork & chores done, I get stuck into it. Just has the quilting & binding left to do.


Terry said...

Love the snail mail holder:) Very cute idea.

My Emma-lee would love the quilt, she's a bright colors person!!!


Karen said...

Hi Sharmayne! I was unable to e-mail you about One Flower Wednesday as you came over as 'no-reply.' Your e-mail address is missing from your Blogger profile. Anyway, I have added you to the Garden Party list and look forward to seeing your first hexagon flower. Please feel free to use the logo (on my sidebar) designed by Valentina for your sidebar.

Carrie P. said...

Hi Sharmayne,
thanks for coming by my blog. You have a no reply so I thought I would see if you have a blog and you do. First let me answer your question. Go to Lori's blog and she has posted some tutorials about English paper piecing the Grandmother's flower garden. I think it will help you a lot and her blog is great.
Such a great idea to use the signature blocks.

Sharmayne said...

Thanks Karen & Carrie for your help. I'm still relatively new to the blogging world & working it all out, so I'll check my profile & add my email address ( I'll post a photo of my first flower - which I do hope will resemble a flower..... LOL
Hugs, Sharm

Sandra Henderson said...

Lovely idea! So nice to keep everything tidy! I must try to make something like this...