Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Soaps

After having spent the entire afternoon trying desperately to work out how to get my little soap and natural cleaning line onto facebook........ hmmm, seems I set up a whole separate identity and then worked out it was meant to be a "page" connected to my own FB identity!  I've been struggling with it all for a few weeks, but not had the time to just sit at my VERY slow internet connection (no broadband here!!) and work it out!!  Finally, success........... so the facebook link is currently right at the top left here  "Hazelmere Cottage".  I also have a blog for  Hazelmere Cottage as well and would love to have you come and visit and take a look around at some stage.  It's been very difficult as I don't have funds to pour into getting it up and going really well and certainly cannot afford the hefty product liability insurance.  The soaps are made using olive oil, essential oils and herbs as the main ingredients (no nasties!).  The candle melts are made using bees wax.  Anyhow, I was just sooo excited that I finally worked it out, I just had to tell you all about it and perhaps I will see you at one of these places - do leave a comment if you come over as I plan on having a giveaway to clelbrate - so keep watching :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting on with Things..................

It's been rather interesting around here since Thursday evening when the water pump decided to break down.  For us this means no running water to anywhere in the house except for our 1 little drinking tap that is connected to the small gravity fed water tank.  For those of you not used to having water tanks or bores to rely on - no pump =  no hot  running water, toilets flushing by the push of a button, showers or washing machines.  
 So it's been a trip back to the past around here..........   We are just thankful we can access the tank water from the gravity fed tank so we at least have water.... filling buckets for the toilet flushing and the old fashioned jug for the bathroom......... and since it's winter and we thankfully have the old wood heater, we have our own supply to be able to pour into the bathroom basin for washes, the kitchen sink for dishes etc etc.

So in the absense of running water, I've been busy getting on with other things..........

These 3 little beauties are already winging their way to New Zealand for my 3 nieces who all have their birthdays in July (just different days & ages ).   I had heaps of fun making them and plan on doing one for my granddaughter for her birthday in October.  Today I also managed to finsih off a little beanie (photo yet to come) that will be going to a friend from work who recently had a little baby.
The postie arrived on Thursday with some wonderful packages full of goodies from 2 swaps - a private one through my snail mail group where we sent some yarn & material to celebrate our 5th anniversary (yep, 5 years of penpalling)..... this is the collection from all of those :

And 2 other packages were part of a swap from a facebook group called Magic Yarn Ball Swap.  It currently only has US girls & me - being the only Aussie on board.  The international postage is a killer for both the US girls & myself, so I'm keen to know if there are any Aussie gals out there that have facebook and are looking to be involved in swaps that don't necessarily mean having to complete a project (just getting bits and pieces together around a theme ).  If that sounds like you then let me know - or look for the group on facebook.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Apparently He Likes It !

The little rug made it safely across the waters to Monicas home in the US  for her baby Matthew.............

Who apparently is quite happy with it!  YAH!   Monica and I have been penfriends for quite a good number of years now, so it was great to be able to spoil her little family.  So glad you all loved it Monica!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A finish already!

Just into July, and I've got something finished already??  This little play rug is headed off to a penpal friend of mine who had a baby a few months back.  I fell down in my quilting - I always do - I'm just not good at the "sandwich it altogether" part - But it was made with love and prayers for little Matthew and his great mum and dad!  They love their dogs and this just seemed such appropriate materia!