Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucky Me

Today I was blessed when a parcel arrived in the post... all the way from the USA. Thanks Deanna for the lovely writing pads & wonderful materials (2 bundles both with 5 various fabrics). Now I'll have plenty of paper available for my snail mails & the lovely materials will come in very useful in all the projects I currently have lined up or on the go :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why Not Another One!

Look at this great project I've just come across on Val Laird -Journey of a Stitcher's Blogsite. It looks like it should be lots of fun given all the lovely embroidery that's going to be involved with it! It's a block of the month over 9 mths with free, yes Free patterns! How nice is that! Go on over & check it out yourself. You can go to the little icon on my sidebar which should take you straight there.

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend its been here! We had our first open inspection here today, which has meant lots of pre cleaning & setting things to look "just right"! So most of today was spent doing that.............. yesterday however, it was Pete & I busy packing up as much stuff as we could into boxes, crates, baskets! Lots of sorting still going on, even though we only moved 7 mths ago, still we have found stuff that can be either thrown out or given away :)
Now, with only 2 weeks to go before we fly to Melbourne & head up country looking for our future home, there is an excitment in the air. We are checking out the real estate websites, discussing, planning & praying. This week I have to book our hire vehicle that will do all the trekking around with us. It's hard to imagine that in 3 weeks time we will have put a contract on a house ............. somewhere................. & be planning our moving day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House Update

OK, so here is the latest: We have signed with a real estate to sell our house here in Townsville & have decided to let it go to auction! We are praying this is the right decision.

Our first open house is this Sunday (just 4 1/2 days away). Photos were being taken late yesterday evening ready to go into the local paper & onto the internet. Auction date will be March 1st so praying all goes well as far as us purchasing down in Vic during the 1st week of March (yes, we will be 3000kms away when the house here goes to auction). Also praying the settlement dates all work in well & that yes, the house here does in fact sell.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Using up some fabric from my stash

Well after sorting through one of the rooms, it seems I have quite a stash of fabrics. And look, just as I make that discovery I come across a message from Terry telling me about this quilt along due to start in March!!! Instead of using a jelly roll, I'll be utilizing my fabric stash to create a "scrappy" quilt. You can find this fun project on "Moose on the Porch Quilts". If I can work out how to add the connections you will be able to visit this great site from here.

A New Beginning:

Well here is my very first post on my new blogsite. It would have been nice to stay with my other site..... Suburban Homestead, but since we have decided we will be moving back to the country, & hopefully be on at least a couple of acres, the title of the blog, just does not give justice anylonger. So with this, the big decision has been made to start afresh on a new blog. For those who may be wondering, we are currently on a suburban block in northern Queensland, Australia............ that's hot & tropical..... lots of humidity and after living here for 8 months, we have had enough and are heading back down south to the Victorian countryside, where we lived for 7 years before moving the 3000kms up here. On Feb 28 we fly to Melbourne & hire a vehicle to go travelling to some of the Murray River country townships looking for our new home. I'm quite excited about it, and have already started packing boxes here! Still, in the meantime, life continues here....................