Tuesday, April 13, 2010

19 Days on the new Homestead

Well it seems some of you are desperately wondering just what we have been up to in the past couple of weeks since moving in, so please accept my apologies for being a little slack. Part of that was due to limited internet time, as it seems I'll be using my little USB stick for a while, funnily enough, this seems to be working out ok for now. Anyhow, back to our 1st couple of weeks here.....................
The furniture has found various homes, although some of those places are subject to change once the 2 spare bedrooms have been emptied out (1 contains all our boxes that are still packed & the other bedroom currently houses Stace & Johns boxes & various furniture items). There's still plenty to unpack, but I've found the days have also been filled up making various phone calls to alter things like addresses, insurances, getting the necessary police check in order to be able to work at the hospital again etc etc. Still, I am having some fun with it all. Even beginning to check out various sections of the garden, thinking, planning, planning some more................ followed by some purchases of plants........... Some of these will be going around the soon to be completed chook pen (hopefully soon to be completed that is LOL). Pete has quite a list of things needing to be done. He started with spraying all the yard which is full of a type of prickle/bur/bindi. Next he cleaned out the gutters which definately had not been cleaned out for the past 12months at least! Saturday & Sunday he decided to head out to a local farm where the farmer (whom he knows) had told him he could collect some firewood for us. 2 trailer loads were brought home which we put through the log splitter (purchased the 1st week here on a special trip to Melbourne). So that lot of wood has now been split & stacked & some used of an evening to keep the house nice & warm now that its cooling down. Apparently there was snow falling on the mountains over the weekend.............. no wonder it felt a little chilly here!
So in between all of this I decided to have a go at crocheting some dishcloths for myself. I had no idea they worked so well till a friend sent me a couple for our new house. I have to say I just love using them & am now hooked on making some for our new home.
Next was getting the electrician in to fix up broken lights/ fans that didn't seem to working too well. I made a trip into one of the townships to purchase lights for the dining, lounge & main bedroom plus a fan for use in the living area............ here is the new style of lights (clips are gold, even though they look kind of silver in the photo), & the fan which I was lucky to match up with the ceiling colour.
We also have a rangehood that needs replacing quite badly so the electrician will be back to do that tomorrow!


Terry said...

Oh Sharm, Looks like things are really coming together for you:) I'm so happy for you. Your home looks lovely.
Prayers, Hugs, & Blessings,

Sharmayne said...

Thanks Heaps Terry :) Yes, bit by bit. I'm not in any huge rush this time, just pacing it! Sharm