Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone

Well the Christmas Tree is down and all the decorations have been packed away for another year. Now it's time to get ready to welcome in another New Year.  I pray it may be a year of blessings and good will for us all.  I'm looking forward to all it may bring.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Really! Did they really fit me last year???

Yeah, you know the story (it couldn't just be me could it??) - those clothes that fitted last summer and now look like they belonged to another person entirely!  What happened to the days when stress used to shed the weight from me......... now it seems to bring chocolate, wine and all things sweet (including numerous coffee lattes) clinging to me like giant magnets! - Oh wait........... apparently those are my hips !!!@#!!    I've had a great time eating and drinking very merrily - but now............... well, I really would like to see those clothes on me again (with the buttons and zips done up - and not wondering if the seams are going to burst open at any given sneeze! LOL) 
They say a woman has a greater chance of heart disease and diabetes if her waist measurement is over 80cm - that risk then doubles once it gets over 88cms...............  You just know which one I'm at don't you. 
Move It Mondays
It's time to bite the bullet - and I don't mean those yummy chocolate coated licorise ones either.  I really do need to do something about it - for myself, if for no other reason.  I want to be able to go to my closet and pick anything out knowing it fits well and I feel good in it.  I want to be in a healthier place.  I turn 50 in May and although I understand I will never look like a catwalk model, I do want to feel good, feel healthy, increase my energy levels, and enjoy my wardrobe contents without having to buy more in a larger size.  Normally I would hide all of this in the back of somewhere - but that clearly did NOT work (I found that little note from this time last year and it seems I've increased in size, not decreased) - so I'm "sucking it up" and putting out there - well down here to be exact.  I'm making up a page to help me and hopefully somewhere along the road, I may find another soul who wants to join in with me, helping each other continue on towards the goal.  So I'm making Mondays  into "Move it Monday"  (see the page)- May as well start the week moving before I find soooo many excuses to not move..................
 with  Wednesday being "Weigh in Wednesday" (a bit along the lines of that TV show " the biggest loser" - if they were able to put it out there and do it, then I guess I can too).  This is when I'll be checking my measurements and (gulp) weight..............ok, and looking at what they say!  So if there are any other souls out there who would like to come join in with me and have a bit of fun along the way (after all - I need rewards and a bit of fun to keep motivated!) - leave me a comment telling me you want to join in - then copy the pic and link it back to me so we can all have fun together!  I'm taking my measurements today and I'll be setting up a separate page for it....... these extra bits took a while to get here and they will take a bit to go!  Hope to see you come join in.  Hugs Sharm

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's the Tuesday before Christmas...........

We have less than a week to go till christmas, and today it's Tuesday,  but since we have no treasures now till January  I thought this week I would share something my hubbie gave me for christmas last year before I head onto the rest of my little post.................
 aren't these 2 garden zebros sooooo cute!  

I'm still trying to work out something to get for Pete for this year...............  After our trip to the market on Sunday, I did come home with 1 thing for him but it's wrapped up under the tree (photos will have to wait till after he opens it)....... of course I just could NOT resist this little item to bring home and place on my kitchen bench
And I even have 4 little girls in my henhouse, so I thought it was even more appropriate!
Then I found this little guy to add to my christmas decorating

 looks like a shopping trip today, - just a couple more gifts to buy,  but I have to get groceries and other bits anyhow, so today may as well be "THAT day".   But just before I go let me share something a little silly with you........... remember Scruffy who has done his back leg,  who howls when we go for a walk without him..........hmmm, we had a family consult when we came across this at the market for just $5 and thought we would give walking another try - with a twist............

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm taking part...........

The Name Game Swap  Thankyou goes to Anorina who is organizing this swap during 2012.  Pop over to her blog to see more details and join in the fun next year.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

  It was my first time joining in with the Friday Night Sew IN hosted by Heidi  ......... unfortunately, at my house, it was kind of along similar lines to that of  ChristineI only managed a small amount of stitching due to a few things............. probably not being as well organized as I maybe should have, but at least I did manage to get another couple of little trees done..........

Things got a little late and chaotic last night...... after getting home from work, it was a quick pack up of the car to get down to Yarrawonga for the christmas street market (and my first market stall) - as it turned out, there was no need for the big rush as things were a little slow to get started, but soon picked up.............. the candle melts turned out to be a big hit - Thanks to DD Stacey who spent the time during the day wrapping the ribbon around  all the ones I spent making on Thurs night - Don't they look cute

Now this post cannot come to an end without saying a big thankyou to my lovely snail mail pal Lyn from Tenterfield whom I've been penpalling with for a few years now.  She put this lovley table runner together for me ........ no doubt using her sewing machine set up on her big verandah overlooking her paddocks..... wonder if the roos were out at the time???  (Lyn, you really need to get a blog going!)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Visit to Lake Hume

It's that time of year when Christmas celebrations and such occur and this year Petes Boss decided to have us all trek up to Lake Hume in the Wymah Valley (about 40kms north of Albury).  He put us all up in cabins at the Holiday Park there overnight and had dinner organized for us last night. 
 We headed up earlier in the day to take advantage and go out in the boat fishing.  I usually stay at home, but on occassion head out fishing with him (taking a book to read along with me of course). 

Yesterday was one of those exceptions and it was lovely out on the water   .............. but then the rain came....

and the cover went up............

ollowed by the umbrellas! 

 Still it was a nice and relaxing time away from home.  Now we are back, it's time to catch up on some blog reading (ok, I had my laptop with me and I did a bit of  blog reading this morning while Pete went back out fishing before we left to come home, but I didn't have the cord to load my photos onto the computer to do my blog).  Then apart from catching up on the washing........... I'll be working on some sewing projects:) 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Which Ewe Are You?

Randomly visiting some blogs out there in blog world, I came across this fun but quick quiz.  If you enjoy working with wool in any of your crafting then go for a little visit .  Here is what it said about the "As the oldest pedigree breed, they claim elegance, manners and grace as their inheritance.  Like other down and down type wools, Shropshires stick together and are always sure to make new friends welcome." 

Have a little bit of fun if you enjoy using wool in any of your crafting and take this quiz to find out which "EWE" you resemble.
Crafternews: whether your passion is fiber, cloth, paper, metal, or clay, Crafternews is your crafting community for ideas, inspiration, free projects, and instruction.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Wednesday - Time for.....

One Flower Wednesday!  And yes I've got one done in time.............

And while I'm here I thought I might share that I've found a lovely little spot to display the lovely applique I received  from Maria in the summer swap..........

And now I'm off to go work on some more little gifties

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Treasures -

Just in time for Tuesdays Treasure - this week just has to be about Christmas, we tend to decorate our christmas tree under the "less is more"........ and of course we no longer have all the wonderful decorations from kinda and school years............. so here is the daytime view........... and.............

And here it is at night..................... and waiting for the rest of the pressies :)

And here is the "work station" - our dining room table where I'm currently working on some little christmas trees along with other bits and pieces ( as you can see ) to go out to friends and family.  With only 18 days left till christmas, the race is on !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcoming in Summer

Well officially it's Summer here in Aus as from today!  You wouldn't necessarily know that if you could see me as I'm writing here sitting with a warm jacket on before I go and head out the door for work!  Anyhow first things first - The Summer Swap run by Cheryl -  My lovely parcel arrived from Maria - such lovely work!  Thanks Maria - I love them all they will be well treasured!

........ and my parcel to Maria left from Yarrawonga yesterday (had to wait to head into town to be able to post it off).  I forgot to take photos of the wrapped parcel and since I can't show you what I sent her just yet, you will all have to wait till Maria receives it in the mail.
With summer comes all the stone fruit - this year we bought a new cherry tree (since the others didn't survive last year) and so here is our bounty from it:

I sure do hope this tree survives or we paid a hefty price for a punnet of cherries if it doesn't  LOL
Yesterday when I went into town to post off the summer swap, I took a detour into the material shop in order to get some more "star" buttons for some little christmas trees I'm making............. well of course I didn't only come out with the buttons did I?  The lovely christmas wall hanging I liked, but they had run out of patterns for (this was months ago of course )- yes well, it was there in a kit form - along with a wonderful looking quilt top which they of course had the pattern for

Yes, they both came home with me :)   And as we were talking and chatting away it came up she was looking for some little "non sewing" type things to have in store - so now my soaps and candle melts will be heading to a new stockist this weekend!
Stace and I started working on the christmas decorations yesterday - Scruffy meantime was snoozing

- and he says a big thankyou to all those who have asked after him.  He is limited now in what he can do and has to made to rest a bit so his other leg doesn't go for a while, but he is happier and is just lapping up all the extra attentiion he now gets!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poor Little Treasure

Little Scruffy is not well............ he's injured his back leg & at over 9 yrs of age we've had to make the decision that surgery is not an option (especially since we've been told his other back leg could go at any time also).  So he's on bed rest........ no chasing balls, going for walks, or running up & down the fence line .   I'm sure not everyone has a Tuesday Treasure quite so despondant this week!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mixing Tues and Wed together..........

And what do we get............ Well, a little bit of Tuesdays Treasures which I've decided to join in with (run by Melanie)   So here is my Tuesday Treasure............

This a wonderful little handmade rockingchair my hubbie Pete was given my a lovely old fellow up around the Bright district when he was working there.  He helped the old fellow out a few times and gave him some bits of wood........ the fellow then made him this lovely rocking chair to bring home.  On it you can see some of my treasured bears...... one in particular is named "Pinky" who was my very first bear as a baby & has been with me all of these 49 yrs............
Pinky......worn & well loved!
To Blend Tues into Wed  ........  I made a couple of jars of lemon butter last night with some lemons from one of our friends

And then moving on into Wednesday I've managed yet another little flower for  "One Flower Wednesday" - nice to see my "garden" beginning to bloom again after quite a break.... thanks girls for the encouagement to keep going and get back to them
And to finish off............ check out my new packaging for my soaps.  My business name (Hazelmere Cottage) was officially registered yesterday :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Flower Wednesday & Jam drops

Yes, it really is true - I've finally gotten out those little squares of fabric and turned them into a cute little hexie flower.......... and just in time before Wednesday comes to a close!

And a batch of yummy jam drops made with homemade plum jam.............. a nice treat for work tomorrow :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Show me the Love..............

Having just over a week off work (nursing), it's been wonderful to be able to devote some time to my little soap businees.........Hazelmere Cottage.  I'm getting it's own blog going & also have a facebook page......... so come on guys & show me "some love" & support by visiting my blog or facebook page & sharing the link to help me spread my cottage industry.  During the week I've also added 2 new outlets where my soaps are being sold - you can see them at the blog where I have a page specifically to showcase my outlet stores.  I'm always looking for new outlets, so if you are a little Aussie Business interested in my soaps, please get in contact with me. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Come for a walk around my garden....

Here are some selections from my front garden................ I decided to use the collage feature, but you should be able to look at the photos individually to get better detail............
And here is a selection from the sides and back - including our vegie garden & hen house....

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Son's Wedding......... Congrats to Jaron & Renee

The long awaited union of Jaron & Renee was finally held in Townsville, Queensland on Saturday September 3rd!  The whole thing went really well and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Now we can finally, officially call Renee our daughter :) The children were also made a part of it....... Little Jarryn as you can see above helped with rings...
Little Jacey made a somewhat reluctant flower girl, but luckily her big brother was there to give her encouragement as they made the entrance ahead of the wedding party
While Jaxson kept them all under control !
So here are just a few various photos for you all to enjoy........... those of you from the old stomping ground of Wynnum North will enjoy this as  those who could make it up there came together to celebrate the big day............. Hope you enjoy these
"The Boys" from back Mark, PJ, Jaron holding Jaxson, Cameron, Simon in front & Little Jarryn 

Sharmayne & Jodie

Jodie & Cameron

The Wynnum North Gang" -  Joel, Cameron, Jaron & Simon (and still the same when they get together! LOL)

Sharmayne, Dad & Stepmum (Kevin & Heather - who spent 1 1/2 days travelling by train to get there)

The newly weds

Stace with "nerves of steel" as she read the poem (if PJ looks a little worried.... well he was getting ready to catch her when it looked like the nerves were ready to have a melt down - luckily she did manage to make it through)

Simon & Nakita watching as Little Jarryn added his name to the witnesses. Jaron & Renne are behind with her sister Emma & friend Jaimee beside

Joel............. and yes, that's Jodie watching the goings on

PJ & Mark throwing Jaron in the air

Now official sisters - Renee & Stacey

Heather, PJ, Me & Dad

Nay & Sharm

With my little grandson - trying to enjoy the short few hours we had with them

And finally ........... Yep that's Pete & Me just before we headed out for it all!