Tuesday, November 5, 2019

What Happened in Melbourne!

Things have been a little busy and frantic since returning from holidays down south!  After leaving the country part of our holiday, which was such a wonderful, relaxing time ..... We headed down to Melbourne ready to spend from Friday to Tuesday catching up with our daughter Stacey and her partner John.  John had booked this awesome stretch limo for us all to ride to the Casino in!!

I've got to say we all got quite a buzz out of it as it spent an hour driving us via all the sights letting people take photos as we drove by!  You can see why it's called "The Bumblebee Transformer".

  9 of us squeezed in including our son PJ who managed to come down to Melbourne to share in his sisters 30th birthday celebrations!  

What a fabulous time

and how wonderful to be able to catch up with some of our very old friends ..... and who just happen to be Godparents for Stacey!  

Little did they know what else they would be there to witness ..... As John had managed to get Pete on his own earlier in the day and ask "That" question to him ........

Yep!  After almost 10 years of them being together with just a short break apart, it was the last thing Stacey was expecting at the end of her 30th party celebration!

What a night!  We didn't get to have quite as much time with PJ as I would have liked, but he had to head back up home early the next day to go back to work!
  I miss my kids soooo much!! Jaron and Renee and the kids were unable to make the trip down from Townsville for the party - such a long way with a family!

Followed by Breakfast at the Vic Markets on Sunday morning where Pete was able to get a couple of Richmond Tigers Premier Shirts which he was extremely happy about ..... And Monday was Stacey's actual birthday ....... So after Breakfast we headed to the Ten Pin Bowling
........ something Pete and I hadn't done in years!  The 4 of us (Stacey and John and Pete and Myself) had sooooo much fun we even played an extra game before we headed to have fun in the "Timezone" section which was included in our entry ticket!  Pete won a pile of tickets and Stace ended up getting some toys for her Budgies and a ball for Cliffy lol 

It was off to Hogs Breath for the birthday Dinner which Jenny and David (Godparents), were able to come to as well ........
Jenny and David - Godparents extraordinaire!
it ended up being quite a long and fun night!  It's soooo nice when you have friends that you can just pick up where you left off and not have any baggage!!!  Those kinds of friends are few and far between, but we seem to be very blessed to have a few of those in our lives!  I wonder if it has anything to do with the number of interstate moves we have made over the years lol

After all the adventures in Melbourne with the emotional attachments we headed off Tuesday after a tearful goodbye deciding to just begin the long drive home without the extra stopover we had initially planned.  We got as far as Gilgandra that night where we had dinner in a local pub and went straight to sleep ..... heading off at 5 the next morning to make it the rest of the way home that afternoon!....  Cliffy was very happy to see us again, although he had been well looked after by our wonderful neighbours Martine and Scott!  Martine even went as far as sending me a "Cliffy" Gram most days lol!
Father and Daughter

The other thing that happened the day we left Wangaratta before arriving in Melbourne was to visit our banking fellow we've had working on our behalf for the past 12years or so .................. Stay Tuned for the next update!