Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Round Up for 2017

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas day wherever it may have found you.  For hubbie and I our plans were changed about a month ago and instead of heading north to Maryborough where I was looking forward to creating a Christmas feast for family and friends - things happened with all involved so instead we altered our plans, deciding to spend our holidays here at home in Bundalong and head down to Melbourne to our daughters for Christmas Eve and Christmas lunch.
Scruffy was very excited to be heading off on an adventure and even more excited when he discovered who was at the other end! 

Stace and I took a walk to the beach - super windy and Melbourne had dropped the temps. 

Stace and I at Brighton Beach Christmas Eve

Somebody needed luch before everyone else!
 For Christmas Lunch instead of heading down the beach as planned with all our scrumptious food, we used the picnic table at the end of the garden in the Unit block Stace and John live in. 
It was a lovely lunch and initially we had planned to wait till Boxing Day to drive back home - unfortunately Scruffy had been unwell the previous night and its not easy getting up and down a steep flight of stairs outside the units to take him out every hour or so ....... hence we decided after lunch and desert to begin the 3.5hr drive back home.  The freeway was not at all busy which was good and when we got home our eldest son was here.  He has been so busy working long hours we rarely get to see him much, so it was a lovely catch up.  He was having to work Boxing Day, as was Stace and her partner John.

Each December since 2013 when I started up a group for ladies over 50yrs who were doing that particular round of 12WBT, we became quite a close group and a number of us take part in a Christmas decoration swap each year which can either be made or purchased - since not everyone in the group does handwork ....... this year we had 15 of us take part and what a lovely lot of decorations went around various parts of Australia

Boxing Day was a quiet relaxing day .............. well, in sorts ....... DH spent a good part of the morning getting the dishwasher working again - hooray!!! And then settled down to watch some movies. And Stace and John had sent back a present for Cliff - the Rainbow Lorikeet who has been with us since a baby when our son Jaron got him - he has a thing for pulling out his feathers so looks rather "different" but is a real character and now 17 years old ...... somehow he got left with us when Jaron moved out 13 yrs ago!

I still had a Kris Kringle here to open up - from a Facebook Runners Group I joined in October and this was what was inside .........  It may be quite a while (if at all) that I get to take part in a half marathon lol ...... but I'm hoping to at least take part in a 10km walk this year for a bit of fun.
 While he did that I pulled out the Mochilla crochet to work on again.  I had realized I needed to have the yarns separated in order to do this type of crochet, so had to make something up - luckily this post box was at hand to use!  So part 1 is completed with the next bit out on the 29th December.


Lynda said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your Christmas despite a few plan changes.

Also sounds like (as with me) that you are enjoying settling back into routine :) xx

Maria said...

Pleased you enjoyed Christmas 🎄 with family...
Lovely ornie swap gifts.
Always nice to get back into routine.

roughterrain crane said...

Your blog is full of fun. May this holiday season bring you a lot of happiness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm so glad you had a wonderful xmas with family and lots of lovely decorations in your swap xx

Helen said...

Another lovely Christmas for you spent with family sharing lots of fun and beautiful presents.

Fee said...

Teaching myself to crochet is on my "To Do" List this year. Yours is gorgeous x

Susan said...

The crocheting is looking great.....
Finally getting a chance to do some blog reading.....a bit behind...looks like a great Christmas in any case.