Thursday, July 2, 2015

Comfy Crochet

Yesterday was my first day back at work after a week home with the flu.  I'm not one for staying in bed, but I'm very happy to rest up in one of the lounge chairs in front of the fire with some Yarny therapy!  It's funny how I've been concentrating so much the past year on getting my knitting from beginner to something with a little more experience and excitement, but when it came to not feeling well my hands went straight to my crochet hook.  My DD had seen a pic on FB and immediately tagged me with a "I want one of these Mummy" (25yr olds still call you mummy when they really, really want something lol).  I think I may have mentioned this in my last post ...... I still have a bit of brain flu fogginess ????   Anyhow, I was overjoyed to have this "new" project to give me a sense of purpose whilst being sick and resting up!  Some lovely, delightful  Comfy Crochet Happiness!   
In fact after a long day back at work yesterday, I couldn't get dinner over with quick enough, jump into my jamas and snuggle into my chair with the crochet hook again!  I'm really enjoying the way this rainbow ripple is coming together.   While I started with the same number of chain (213) as Lucy suggests for a single bed size (110cm) - I'm using a slightly larger hook (4.5mm) and therefore the width of the blanket is somewhat larger -  155cm without any border.  With 17 shades playing part, I've decided on doing 3 - 4 repeats. 

 I'm not entirely sure, since I'll decide as I go along....... you know how it is :)  If you are making a ripple of your own Lucy has a great tutorial available - just always remember to have 5 trebles at the start of each row,  check as you progress along that you are keeping in pattern - you should be putting your 2 x 2 trebles (the peak of each ripple) into the middle 2 of the previous row. 

It's pitter pattering with rain outside this morning, but the Kookaburras have flown in for a quick feed before it gets too heavy!    They come each morning and evening during the winter months and we are happy to give them a feed of mince since they then tend to make their presence known during the summer months keeping an eye out for snakes! 

  I decided a bit of wholesome baking was needed, so here you see some banana bread (a new recipe that I'm not thrilled about); a date and walnut loaf which is lovely and moist and I will make again!  I'll be freezing some up in ready cut slices for lunches.    And a first attempt of coconut macaroons with jam filling - my DH buys these from the supermarket, but I've discovered they can be made very cheaply and extremely easy to make!  Give them a go.  I used the end of my wooden spoon (dipped in a bit of flour) to make the holes to pop in a tiny bit of my home made plum jam!   Well, I'm on a "home " day today - shopping, errands, cleaning, washing ect (funnily enough, I would welcome one of these days above a "head off to work" day in a heart beat ...... unless I ever reach that long time dream of having my own little crafting, coffee happiness shop, which at 53 is becoming extremely less likely, but thankfully I have my crochet hooks )
Have a great day whatever you are doing today
Hugs Sharm


Bev C said...

Hello Sharymane,

I love the colours you are using in your blanket. It will be keeping you warm as you crochet.

Happy days.

Chookyblue...... said...

the rug is looking the colours............might make a date and walnut cake myself.......

creations.1 said...

Love, love, love your rainbow blanket - I am just finishing my first Ripple Blanket - declared I wouldn't be making another one then my DIL asked me to make one for her! So I will be off on another journey next week - 2 colours only tis time!! Yum - I can almost taste tat cake - might have to go off now and make one too!!

Kylie said...

Your blanket looks lovely. And your baking, Yum!

Christine M said...

Your blanket is looking wonderful, Sharm. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. xx

Motherdragon's Musings said...

The blanket is looking delicious, reminds me of passion-fruit swirl ice-cream from when I was a child.

Lin said...

Beautiful ripple crochet, looking superb. xx