Thursday, October 21, 2010

Over the past couple of weeks.....

There's been quite a bit going on around here over the past few weeks and probably about time I let you all in on some of it............

First off, it was Petes birthday in late September (26th) and he gets to share his birthday with Mitzi who turned 16 this year & enjoyed her bit of cake  LOL

Unfortunately just 3 days later we had to have little Muffin put down. She was one of Mitzi & Gramps pups from their only litter.  She was 14 in May so had a very good life.... she was my little mate who followed me around & loved getting into small things...... like handbags LOL

 We burried her in the rose garden that we are gradually making & she will have a rose planted over her..... Mary's Rose (her nickname was Mary Muffin).  Scruffy (sitting) & Gramps have been missing her as well :( 
 Just a week later on 7th Oct and we had Stacey turning 21!
With the official party being on the Saturday eve (10th).... As you can see it was a themed party..........  a masquerade black & white affair (with the party girl in pink of course so everyone could find her LOL)
 With little time to recover from the party, I had to head to Melbourne (3 1/2hr drive) the next day & make the 3hr flight to Townsville to see to the final inspection of our house once the tenants from Hell had moved out ...... leaving us with some wonderful repair jobs & council complaints to deal with!!!!  It's been a very long 5 months they were there & super expensive.  Thankfully we have our son & his partner with their children moving in, so it will be looked after now at least.  Although I was only there for just 1day (yep, had to fly back the very next evening), I did get to have my very first hold of our newest grandchild......little Jaxson, so cute & snuggly

 A quick trip to the shops for lunch with Jaron, Renee, Jacey & Jaxson..........
 Hugs with Little Jarryn once school was out for the day...................
 And of course hugs with Grandma would not be complete without one from little Jacey!
After getting back from Townsville we had more rain around here........... with the ground already moist from the previous lot, much was left to sit on top of the ground this time

 this time there was plenty to finish filling  the tank to capicity............ and over.........
And I think that pretty much brings us up to date :)  Good news is the water didn't hang around & this was as bad as it got. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not Fun Being Sick!

Apologies to all for my absence.......... I have been quite unwell to say the least over the past 8 - 10 weeks.  I'm sure none of you really want a full account - the important thing is that I'm finally feeling like myself again, & acrually feel inclined to partake in human activity.  Everything has been left by the wayside over the past weeks - crocheting, wednesday flowers, writing, emailing, blog activity - as its taken my full energy supply to keep going to work & doing the absolute basics around here.  My apologies for those waiting patiently for there PIF & letters etc.............. they won't arrive overnight, but at least I have the inclination now to get back to all of those things.  My love to you all............. and a special thankyou to those who have emailed me & those that have had me in their prayers.