Friday, April 16, 2010

It Worked!!

So who remembers me having a go at making my own soap?? A couple of weeks before we were leaving Townsville, I finally got around to using the ingredients I had bought to have a go at making a batch of soap......... This was the photo I posted then.......

And the good news is that 7 weeks later here it is & very useable. Yes, I've tried it out & even got Pete to have a go at it & got the approval!!! Something I will definately be having another go at doing in the future. I really can't believe how well it turned out. For
anyone else wanting to have a go at making soap, I got this
receipe from the website of Kristies Homemade Christmas. Sorry
I don't have the link on hand, but I'm sure you'll find it easily enough doing a google search.


Terry said...

The soap looks nice:) I haven't ventured into that yet, but I am planning on giving it a try. Does yours have lye in it, or is it a more gentle recipe? Think I'll try a search for that site.


Sharmayne said...

Terry, Here is the address:
It did contain caustic soda which is why it has to air for 6 weeks. I left mine for about 7. I'm hoping my next batch works as well LOL