Friday, December 27, 2013

After wanting one of these for as long as I can remember, My wonderful Hubbie bought me one for Christmas........ which I christened in the Murray River on Christmas afternoon!

On Christmas Day I finally got to open my SSCS from  Andrea     in the UK  .
  I absolutely love my gift!  What a gorgeous  cushion cover, and check out the little handy pouch, which I've already been using plus a 2014 diary in such a perfect size. Thankyou so very much Andrea for all the time and effort you put into my gift.  I also received the wonderful little crocheted santa decoration which I showed you in an earlier post, that will be cherished each year.
Stacey got to finally see the shoe quilt I made for her, and yes, she did love it............
We had a lovely Christmas day, and also a wonderful Boxing Day catching up with friends........ and now I have the urge to begin getting my house tidied up, cupboards pulled out, cleaned and sorted....... there are lots of things here that I want to sort through so I can simplify my home, to have it more organised and streamlined to make it easy to keep clean and enjoy ........ but it seems like perhaps I must be the only one that is in need of doing this LOL  I blogged about it on my other Blog  and mentioned about this challenge I'd be taking on.......  lol , so it seems I must be the only person in blogland that is needing to declutter, sort and reclean cupboards and such, which means I really do need to get underway with this!  Talk with you all later, Hugs Sharm

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday Night Sew In

Although I haven't always managed to meet the monthly Friday Night sew In, it has proven to be very helpful in getting projects worked on.  This time, I'm happy to say that I have finished the little lap quilt for my daughter in time to get it under the Christmas tree!   I've incorporated items on it from 4 generations......brooches, earrings and a baby hair tie ( that is now 24 yrs old) have all been added in some way to the shoes I've appliqued to the quilt!  I'm really happy with the way it has come out and since I know she does not visit blog land at all, I feel confident I can share it with all of you and you will keep it secret till she opens the parcel on Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Aussie Celebrations

If your an Aussie, then you are going to love the Australia Day Swap that Jewells is organising.  To see the details of it, go and visit with her Here.   Since I've been leaving comments everywhere saying that I plan to be having some fun taking part in swaps in 2014, Well, I'm definitely in this one!!  It will be my first swap for 2014......

Monday, December 16, 2013

Secret Sewing

There's been some secret sewing going on in an attempt to get a nice girlie lap quilt made up for the 24 yr old DD.  Since she lives At home with us and this cottage here in Bundalong is on the smaller side, it's not easy trying to hide away on my few days at home to get it made up.......even more so with her off work at present!  Still, bit by little bit I've managed to get the blocks all appliqued and put together.  I just have to finish the binding and then I'll be adding the bling to it.  So here is a small snippet.....I'll show you the finished look, hopefully within the week! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Lots of Christmas cards and little gifts are beginning to arrive here and I want to say Thankyou to all of you!  The SSCS arrived today!!!! I was soooooo excited  to see it and to find out where it was sent from!  Thankyou to Andrea from the UK, I love the snowman decoration, and I have the other gift  sitting under the Christmas tree to wait till Christmas morning to be opened!  I've had a very quick look at your blog and love the crochet you've done!!

I also received this  tree decoration from Chris who was my Kris Kringle in a tree decoration swap.  It is totally me, I just love this little bird with his santa hat to bits!

In fact my tree is housing another couple of new decorations this year.......check out the little handmade chook sent to me from another chook's filled with spices!!    I think it will be finding a place to sit in the kitchen once Christmas is over lol.........
And my little reindeer Santa hanging in the branches has come from another new friendship formed this year.....Thankyou Liz!

My secret sewing for dear daughter continues with only a couple weeks left till Christmas.....just hoping I can get it completed in time....the pressure is on!!!  I can give you a sneak look here, cause I know she doesn't visit blog land lol......... well maybe not, since she is hanging around the computer lol
Big hugs and thank you,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December is Here!

The 1st of December is our official day for putting up the Christmas Tree around here!  It's now a family tradition, and I do think its kinda nice how we have managed to make some little family traditions over the years that now mean so much to our children!

Another family tradition is the advent calendar......... next year I hope to have some handmade ones done as I bought some panels the other week and plan to make one up for the cottage, our Sons family and our daughter as she will be moving out of home sometime during next year.  The eldest son is still single and not so much into advent calendars these days lol............

However, Scruffy is well versed in what they mean, and he has his very own!!

So with the Christmas Tree up, the Christmas Cards have been getting written and a lot have
already been posted out........... none leave the Booth household until the 1st of December at the earliest lol.    I've been kept busy getting some little crocheted coasters made up to pop into some of the Christmas cards.  I've actually made an extra 7 purple ones by now as well, but didn't take photos before they went into the cards.

Secret sewing for dear daughter continues, so unfortunately there are no flowers getting done just yet.
Well, I best go and continue on with things..... the start of December is always a busy time around here, but lots of fun!