Monday, December 9, 2019

And Then We Moved!

Leaving Maryborough
Yep! You read that right .......... believe it or not, we have spent since our arrival back from Melbourne, going and looking at numerous houses and finally deciding on one ...... a month full of all sorts of various dramas trying to get it sorted out and a settlement date of 25th November as one of the sellers had moved to Fiji making things a little more tricky!   I have to say this has by far been the most difficult move I can remember us going through!  So where are we you ask?? Just a local move ...... from Maryborough and our very big, high set (meaning it has about 14 steps up to the house with lots of storage/ dumping/ man cave area), Old Queenslander home ........ down to Hervey Bay to a smaller home on a smaller block and low set with no under house storage and a small garden shed!  Bonus, pretty close to the beach and it has a lovely pool with lots of outside sheltered area and the bedrooms are a lovely generous size (unlike the bedrooms we had in Bundalong which were quite small!!).  
Our Neighbors not so happy to see us leave 
The main lot of stuff arrived at the new house on Monday of last week and the remainder of the week up until yesterday has been spent with either both of us or Pete (during the days I was working) going back to the house in Maryborough to continue getting loads of all the stuff the removalists were unable to fit on!  As some of you may remember it took 2 semi truck loads to get us from Victoria to Maryborough ....... and while I had hoped to work my way through things, I hadn't planned on working as much as it ended up being!  That's part of the reason (part) for us moving ...... I now have permanent work, but its full time and based at the Hervey Bay Hospital so rather than having to go back to driving 40 mins each way, Pete suggested we move!  There are a few other reasons for the move, but I may share that another time.  Naturally not all of our stuff fits!!! I have stuff everywhere, inside and out ......... we are gradually working on that ....... we also have a storage shed we have hired and it has quite a bit of Petes tools, shed stuff, camping stuff and the camper trailer. It's been sad having to say goodbye to good neighbors and the dogs, but we plan to continue to have catch ups at each others houses!

Pete has pulled down the single brick carport that was here and we are waiting on the double carport to go up ...... it had been booked to go up the end of November, but we are still waiting - apparently he didn't order the stuff when he said he would!!!  The solar was also mucked up and we now have another company booked to hopefully get it up prior to Christmas!    I'm still hopeful to get the christmas tree up, but we shall see .......  Foxtel turned up today and got the TV working, so that's a start - maybe I can get the lounge/ living area sorted a bit!
It's been sooooo terribly hot up here ....... the pool is being used by Pete and I constantly and I have to say its rather magic being able to drop into the pool after a long day at work!  I've yet to start walking ....... I've been using my "spare" time to try and get some boxes unpacked and clear areas so I can cook and wash clothes!  I'm behind on everything!!! 

 The same week we moved house, I also had to move from Maryborough Hospital to the Hervey Bay hospital and try setting up the office we will be working out of ........ its been a week of moving, and time spent trying to get my head around a new job, new position ....... new everything pretty much and little time to do it all in!!!  S T R E S S and then some!!!!  Dad has been having some cardiac events and Pete is in the midst of getting MRI's and further tests re his prostate cancer and both of us have had some pretty ordinary back pain ........ packing and lifting heavy stuff and moving things of course does not help but since we have no other options ???  And there will be more moving of stuff as work out what fits where and what has to be sold and if we need to put up a slightly larger shed to put all Petes "necessities" in ect ect ....... 

And there is the garden ..... naturally I brought LOTS of plants with us ......all potted up and some will stay in pots while some will be planted in various areas out the front, or side or around the pool.  We dug up the lovely Dancing Lady orchids we had in Maryborough and have planted them in the garden at the pool.  Speaking of plants, my blood lily that I bought when we were in Townsville this time last year,  flowered  two days after we brought it to the new house! It brought lovely memories to mind! 

On a positive note ......... I'm loving our new home!  It has the cutest mail box with a sheep on it!! A few of the houses along this section of our street have various ornamental mail boxes, but somehow I think the sheep really does fit with us ...... a reflection of our time in Victoria, our time having some sheep of our own down in Boorhaman, and not to mention all the wool/ yarn I use for knitting and crochet ....... and my love for having the chickens, sheep and cows as part of my usual decorating style!  

The pool area is just wonderful and soooooooo relaxing!!
We got quite a surprise when we saw the lights out in the pool area at night! 

 Feels a little like a tropical resort holiday if I don't look at the boxes lol!

 It will be a beautiful next chapter for us and a low maintenance one once we get sorted out! 

 Talk to you all again soon