Sunday, December 5, 2021

September and The Wedding!!!

 SEPTEMBER:  Such a Huge, Massive, Enormous Month this was!!  First of all we had told Dad we were moving back, and he was keen to move as well if it was at all possible!  So after finding out a unit
was available in the retirement village in Corowa, negotiations with the one in Brisbane and several trips on days off down to his unit during August to begin packing and clearing out his unit we moved him up to our place in Maryborough prior to the wedding. 

Jaron and Renee celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and together with the grandies (now
growing up with 2 at high school) - they made the trip down from Townsville and stayed a couple of nights with us before we all made our way to the Sunshine Coast for Stace and John to get married!  We had a family dinner out the night before (unfortunately with Vic still in lock down - our son PJ was unable to make it up, neither was Johns Mum so a bit of damp cloud hovering) ......................

Still the wedding day was just beautiful - married on the beach  and then the reception at the bowls club where we all had fun doing lawn bowls!! It was such a fun time.  Renee was a fabulous DIL
making sure she was doing the virtual  video call to all those who were unable to make it due to lock down!! Not an easy task
with a phone on the beach!  They had their special to them wedding cake - If you have seen the movie "UP" then you will 
recognize it here - what a great job they did with the cake!!

Sooo Much in Such a Short Time

Looks like I have some catch up to do ...... March though to November in fact and Soooo Much has

happened ....... I'll try to be brief and just go to end of August for this post ......
APRIL ... We sold the house in Hervey Bay at long last!  I managed to do a bit of sewing and Pete made a wonderful holder for my Cottage Garden Threads from part of the Mango Tree we had cut down and slabbed - I just love the way it came up!!

  I also had to do something with all the blood grapefruit we had on the tree ...... so I had a go at making some cordial which was yummy and I continued to make more over the following months!  I miss not having any of it here now. And one of Petes orchids we bought up in Townsville a few years ago finally flowered (unfortunately nothing like it was meant to be but still quite pretty).
Right at the end of April we finally got a fishing weekend at Lake Boondoooma with a few friends from the Hervey Bay fishing club.  It was a great weekend and I even caught a fish!!! (obviously not a keeper lol)

MAY: My birthday month which we celebrated with Stace & John down in Brisbane
 (and received an impromptu happy birthday song from the crew working). 
 I purchased a Garmin Watch at long last with the hope it would help me work on my health and fitness (what it ended up indicating was it confirmed the GP in that my stress levels were exceptionally high on a continual basis - but more so at work with the extreme stress the management were putting our team under together with a bully from the team who enjoyed making things much worse).  This is about the time we seriously started talking about moving back down south.  Pete wasn't happy in Maryborough and was finding it tough as well.  Our plan was for me to take Long Service Leave in July so we could take a trip down south at the worst time of year to see if that's what we really wanted to do ...... or if we would stay ..... This is one of the crew who sang Happy Birthday!

JUNE:  A weekend fishing trip to Tin Can Bay finally using our camper at long last! My little Kia pulled the camper while Petes Ute pulled the big boat!  Little did I know at the time that my little Kia would be pulling this camper all the way down to Corowa a few months later!!  How things change

And I had my first go at making granola ...... 
But mostly June was arriving home from work stressed to the max and sitting in the back yard with the fire going and having a drink with hubby to numb down the ordeals of the day!! 

 We took a day trip up near Toowoomba to pick up a fire cooking  camp thingy which we ordered from a fella we meant at Lake Boondooma back in April.  He had some interesting things in his shed ......

JULY:  Car trip down to NE Victoria and the border region! Naturally that got me in the mood for organizing some knitting and crochet to do while travelling and away.  It took some organizing as we had to get permits Green Zone to Green Zone and ensure we stayed right on the Qld border overnight before heading off the following day to drive right through NSW enabling us to enter Victoria without any issues!  We had initially thought we would be gone for 3-4 wks so Cliffy  came with us.  He had a ball travelling in the ute with us and I'm so glad we took him with us ..... as it turned out it was his last holiday.   

We had a bit of flooding across the road on the way down ... and stayed with our friends on their farm - enjoying helping with some sheep work.......... Cliffy enjoyed walking around the farm yard checking things out lol ..........
 and we spent time looking around for land or a house to buy ......... and yep, we found a house in Corowa just on the NSW side

We found out our offer was accepted and 15mins later I found out I was successful in getting a job in the area as well ...........  only a couple of hours later whilst Pete was catching up with mates, we discovered that Vic was going into lock down that night and Qld would be shutting the borders ........ luckily friends from over the Murray River in NSW phoned us to go and stay with them so we would be able to leave Vic and get back into Qld before the borders were firmly closed the next night!!!  As it turns out - without having been able to do that we would not have been able to get to our daughters wedding in September!!!

So we headed back home to Maryborough in a massive rush and a whirlwind to spend the rest of my holidays sorting out the house for a massive interstate move .......  we took opportunity to enjoy sitting out the back of it enjoying all the work we had done with the deck, steps, gardens and carports!!  It's a shame it didn't work out so well.

So below is the front of the old house and the front of the new house

AUGUST: We were packing, sorting, spending afternoons in front of the fire pit .... Cliffy enjoyed our afternoons and liked to be included ...... he seemed to really feel the cold this winter and enjoyed being as close to the fire as possible ..... I even found him using Petes shirt to snuggle up in one day and hide from some of the other birds he didn't like.  He was becoming more tired and spent more time sleeping in his little bed ........ He passed away on 28th August at the ripe old age of 21 years!!!  He was a real Character and known by many of our friends and followers on both this blog, and FB.  RIP Cliffy xo

Stacey and I received that news on the morning of her Bridal Shower (aka - Hens Party) ...... still, her bridesmaid in Qld (who was a best friend in Primary School) put on a fabulous Party for her!  Her other 2 bridesmaids were in lockdown in Victoria - one in Melbourne and the other in Wangaratta - they spent the whole time on virtual with us! (As it turned out, they were still in lock down at the time of the wedding which was a real downer). Anyhow I'm going to finish with photos from the Bridal Shower and Leave Sep-Nov for the next post or 2........

Stacey's best friend from Brisbane hosted it for her - Cassie and her mum Kaye have been in our lives since the girls met at preschool and we are blessed to have such awesome friends!  Unfortunately the other 2 bridesmaids and besties were in lock down in Victoria so spent the entire afternoon on a zoom meeting with all of us!!! Photos with them were done with laptop 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

March Already!

I can't say I'm liking the way Blogger is set up now to try and create a post - I've got no options for colour script and when I'm typing it looks more like an encription .... and I certainly only get an encription if I look on my dashboard at previous posts!!! It's certainly taken the joy away from writing the posts and after spending the past few weeks trying to find a way to fix it - it seems this may be the new normal (YUK!!) Sooooo February saw us finally getting away for a few days to celebrate our 37th Wedding Anniversary!
First stop was Lake Callide near Biloela where together we managed to finally get this huge Barramundi into the boat! 23kgs, 119cm long and 52cm across his girth! What job and comedy it was - he broke through the landing net sending Pete flying over backwards in the boat hitting things on his way down - at the time adreniline spurred him on till we got him in and a photo .....
2 days later he could barely walk or move! After Biloela we headed to Longreach - after arriving and being shown our cabin and then seeing the Rain coming down (which appeared could cut off our return trip), and Pete in mega pain .....
See the number of rain storms coming down in the photo ready to join up.............. We turned around and headed back stopping the night in Barcaldine which was our actual anniversary (not quite what was planned, but we had a lovely meal and nice time). Barcaldine has the tree of Knowledge (Where the workers Union in Australia commenced so it seems)..... an amazing bit of history!
Next was a short stopover in Emerald (for a chiropractor) and an attempt out on Fairburn Dam which had extremely low water levels. Then it was back home so Pete could get back to his chiropractor and our own bed ...... Watch out for big fish! All in all we had a great time away just enjoying each others company and getting away from everything - even if it was just a few days! So refreshing!!
Getting back into my handiwork I was in bad need of new dishcloths and kitchen towels so out came the cotton and crochet hook. Daughter also put in an order for a few new kitchen towels as well.
Meantime I've been able to pull out my embroidery threads and started work on some new blocks "Simple Days" by Jenny from Elefantz which will work up over the year into a lovely little quilt! I'm enjoying the simplicity of it
I've also pulled out this WIP embroidery project that has alot more detail and for which I'm using quite a few "country threads" style of floss which has changing colours in it! ....... well now its just taken a good hour to add these photos which I'm unable to see whilst typing due to encription mode which is crazy and also means I can't add comments any longer to the photos! Not sure I'm loving blogger so much anymore ..... I may have to look at moving to another blog base to be able to enjoy it once again! I'm def going to cry if these photos don't show as it's taken having to email them from the phone to the computer to get them to add to here. Crossing my fingers as I close this post! Hugs to you all Sharm