Saturday, May 4, 2024

Hello May

 Here it is MAY!  The weather has cooled and we had to light the fire last night …..with it overcast

today we might yet light it up again before the day is out!  The mornings have definitely been colder and yesterday I caught this early morning photo with the fog coming off the river and the sun throwing the re-election onto the water making it look like fire and smoke …… Lucy and Bella were enjoying the walk.

May is my birthday month so I’m hoping it will be a productive month of sewing, knitting and crochet lol

The start of May sees FNWF  last night where after spending part of the day weeding the overgrown veggie patch I worked on the crochet blanket for Mila.  I’m using the Dune stripe pattern from Lucy at Attic 24.  I’m using yarns from stash so the colours are similar but not the same.  I’m actually doing a bit more work on it today. It's a bit of a change from the constant pink and purples I've been using for her the past few months.

Then there is the Chookshed Stitchers Challenge ……this month Deana pulled out  ……

So for my Number 5 challenge I have the bird blocks and kiwi bird blocks listed to work on.  My original plan at the start of the year was to work these in with the RSC  but I’ve fallen way behind …… well in reality, I guess I’m perhaps 3 or 4 months behind so it would be possible to catch up ….. a consertive effort will be required due to me still getting the hang of how to make these! I am, however,  very excited to look at my sidebar list and see on the crochet/knitting challenge list that I have a crocheted cot rug listed as No 5 - back in January I just put down ripple as I wasn’t sure what pattern I’d end up using ….and it just so happens that the above crochet cot blanket is it!  So I’m already ticking that box! 

I have plans to work on the travel quilt and start the jumper I was meant to begin last month when we did number 9.  I guess at some point I will have to continue the hand quilting on down the rabbit hole ( and oh gosh what a hole that has been lol) 😜 

On Ravelry I have a colour stash busting challenge to continue and this month it’s grey/ silver shades so stay tuned for that as well! 

The Decluttering challenge indicates it’s this month to tackle the Bedroom Tall Boy and the Linen Closets ( yep - there are 2 of them!!!) - I surely need to throw a few things out so I best put aside time for this as well!

Pete returned from fishing on the weekend with some fish and when he opened this one we were surprised to find a golf ball inside! 

My sister Kathy has been out from New Zealand the past few weeks to help settle Dad into the nursing home whilst I was at Scrub Stitchin and to house sit for a lady in Mulwala. We didn’t get a lot of catch up time, but we did manage to enjoy this delightful morning tea at a little coffee shop in Howlong called the 1/2 acre coffee shop.   I had requested a sticky chaii late and was very impressed when it came in this lovely teapot ready to pour ...... it meant I actually got a couple of cups which I really enjoyed with the scrummy cheesecake!

And yesterday I’d put some sunflower seeds out on the feeder and was rewarded when these 3 king parrots came for a feed.  The males have such a bright red colour on the head and breast area.    Pete has just finished ordering some fencing to extend the height of the back and side fences to give us a bit more privacy with the lane way between our brown coloured fence and that cream fence of the neighbour on the other side of the laneway.   What can I say, but I like my privacy.

I’ll finish here so I can get back to this blanket and think about all the above lol 

Hugs, Sharm

Sunday, April 28, 2024

April Roundup


Time for the April round up before this month is over!!  Firstly a bit more from Scrub Stitchin ..... while there I made a start on the wonderful project that was in our gift bag - now I've finally unpacked I can show you!  More about it when I pull it out next month to work on.

Also need to show you this lovely gift that Christine left with me before she headed home ..... I sure hope we get to enjoy another road trip together next year .......Yep, I'm fully hooked and have put the dates aside for Scrub Stitchin next year lol 

Janice shared this quilt during show and tell ......... it got me thinking (always dangerous lol)

Yep, I have been wanting to make a "travel" quilt for a couple of years - having purchased some

appropriate material when Pete bought a camper off people when we were in Maryborough!  I was super excited at the time, thinking we would actually go do some travelling and camping ...... yeah right!!  The boat is the only thing worth towing apparently but since we will be doing some travelling in July/August (all be it in "pet friendly" cabins) - I've decided to use this pattern and the materials to make the travel quilt!!!  It will then become  "MY" Travel quilt for all girly weekends!!  I made a start with the help of Janice (via messages, phone calls and lots of pictures lol) ........ then I realised I wasn't going to have enough of the background dark red ........ I've had to wait to access some material shops to try getting something close enough to use so perhaps in the next week I'll get back to it!

Of course hand quilting on the "Down the Rabbit Hole " continues ...... its almost like a saga now! (so I don't think a photo is required lol) But it is my number 9 on the Chookshed Challenge list so its certainly being attended to!   Unlike the Rainbow Scrap Challenge which is sitting in the corner .... waiting ...... don't worry - it has LOTS of company lol

While Pete has been off for the weekend fishing with mates, I had to get busy with the needles and hook ..........

Another little Beanie for Mila - such a quick and easy pattern .... Melange Baby Beanie

On the needles below is Artus  _ I'm loving the way the waffle pattern looks and I've just completed the first small section of colourwork .... charts are yet to come and I'm not sure how I'm going to find those ...........

On the hook is a cot sized blanket requested for Mila, so it's having to take a step forward in the production line as the temperatures here begin to drop ....... I'm trying to incorporate a range of colours into it - although Lucy from Attic 24 always uses 15 colours in her blankets (this may end up with a couple more ???) ..... and yes, it's one of her patterns  - The Dune Blanket  ....... I'm not sure yet about how the colours are progressing ........ What do you think??

Well that's it for the moment ...... off to do more hooking lol 

Take care, 


Thursday, April 18, 2024

Scrub Stichin Retreat

 Sew Much Fun!!!!!  This was my first time going to any stitching retreat so even more special to be
heading to the Scrub stitchin retreat  in Baradine, NSW……. finally, after only being able to read about it for so many years!  So I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with me telling you all about it!!!  Thanks to Christine from MacDonalds Patch, who had already planned to drive up - I was able to catch a lift with her.  Although we've been corresponding via the blogs since 2010, we had never actually met in person until she turned up in the driveway to stay the night before we set off on our little 2 day road trip!  
Day 1(Tuesday) we left here making our first stop at Junee - checking out the chocolate and liquorice factory  ..... definitely worth a visit

Such a beautiful old building and so interesting inside ..... can you see the large copper mixers there behind the glass ....... and the gardens were just as interesting with so many places to sit and enjoy a drink
How decadent does the "real" hot chocolate look?  And they came with little chocolate covered licorice beside them .....Yum!!!

This was followed by  a very late lunch in Forbes ) before stopping in Dubbo the night.

 a very late lunch in Forbes ) before stopping in Dubbo the night.

(Day 2) We had decided to make our way via Manduran but on arrival we were really only able to get a coffee and the cheese factory was viewed through the window as we decided it wasn’t really  worth waiting for it to open - although we did enjoy a bit of walk and took a couple of photos 

…… onto Coonabarabran where we found 2 delightful patchwork shops and had quite a bit of fun picking up a few goodies lol  Little did we know that this was to be the "pop up" shop at the retreat - very handy as a few of us ran out of items that were needed and managed to find other "needed" items lol

Finally we arrived in Baradine where Scrub Stichin was being held …….it was just like meeting up with old friends - many bloggers I’ve “ known “ through the blogs over the years but never met in person!  ……. What a fun few days we had!

Wednesday afternoon was dumping our gear into cabins and sewing stuff into the large room that had been beautifully set up together with a goodie bag for everyone with our name tags - then it was off to the local Pub for dinner and finally snap a photo with "Chooky" and a few of the other girls

Looking up the main street of Baradine from the hotel verandah

I know you are hanging out to see what was in the goodie bag ..... A beautiful Mug, handmade items and a specially designed kit by Annie Downs  

From Thursday morning right through to Sunday lunch time there was plenty of food, fun, laughter, sewing, sharing, sunsets, walks and getting to know each other that bit more .......

Nothing better than Scones with Jam and Cream lol ......  We all had been given places to sit  which meant I got to know Trish - such a fabulous lady and she is now a blogger as well! Click on the link to visit her and say hello!

Christine and Janice were on the same section of tables so we had lots of fun and Janice was very patient giving me plenty of ideas and help for upcoming quilts to be made.

On one of our walks checking out the sunsets I met this beautiful boy I knicknamed "BullyBoy" - he came right up to the fence to say hello to me

Christine, myself, Janice and Raewyn   - we thought we had a great sunset till the sky changed and we caught the next pic

Show and Tell was on Saturday arvo before we went for drinks outside - here is Jenny behaving herself  ...... you might catch  a glimpse of her "misbehaving" further down lol
and it was time to get ready for the Star themed dinner ...................

I'm pleased to say that the beanie I made for the swap part was warmly received by Sue and I received a lovely bunch of fabrics I'm looking forward to playing with.  I also received  a prize of some lovely blue fat quarters.......... Sunday morning finally loomed - last minute sewing, and frivolity and a bit of scull duggery to add to the fun as Jen tried to hide some cute little toys that had been made lol ........ 

All up we had 28 girls attend Scrub Stitchin

13 of these are bloggers - with 2 newbies to blogging 

Front Row - Janice (Jannimary), Jenny (Bird on the border), Christine (MacDonalds Patch)
Middle Row: Annette (Jindi's Cottage), Maureen (Pink Sunset Cottage), Me, Trish (Coming Home)
Back Row: Raewyn (Stitching Farm Girl), Chooky (ChookyBlue), Sue (Kiwikids), Betty (Raindbow Connection Quilters), Lianne (Lianee Makes Stuff), Lynda (Heavens to Bettsy)

Raewyn, Myself and Sue just before it was time to say goodbye ........
Thanks Chooky for putting on such a Fabulous Retreat - I loved every minute of it and have soooo many photos!  It was sad to say goodbye to everyone ....... maybe again next year ????

Sunday after lunch - time for Christine and I head off ...... we took the scenic route via a dirt road to hook back onto the Newell Hwy after Coonabarabran 

Stopping at Parkes overnight where we had a nice breakfast before the last leg back to Corowa where Christine stayed the night.  

She came walking with Lucy, Bella and Deb and myself before heading back the 3hrs to Melbourne.  I felt like Christine and I had been great friends forever and I enjoyed every minute of our time together - such a great travel companion - Thankyou Christine xo

Saturday, April 6, 2024

April Update and Countdown

 In between sorting out things for Dad, I've been trying to stay on track with some projects ......
unfortunately the Number 4 item for Chookshed Stitchers Challenge in March didn't get very far and instead was replaced with me working on a woollen blanket for Mila - its quite some time since I picked up my woollen embroidery threads but I made up a little design - to begin all I knew was that I wanted a Duck in gumboots holding an umbrella .... google gave me a pic which I traced and I then made up the rest as I went ..... Just have the ribbon edging to finish it off which joins the nice bunny flannelette fabric to the back of the wool blanket........ Well before I got this post finished, I managed to finish the binding - but I won't get it delivered now till after the retreat so it will come with me for some show and tell I've just found out we need to take lol ..... how convenient!! I backed it with some lovely  woodlands bunny design flannelette to keep her toasty warm.

I've also been working on a little knitting project which is to be kept secret for a bit longer ........ and I'm packing up projects to take on my very first sewing retreat ....... with the Chookshed Stitchers at Scrub Stitchin in Baradine!  It's about 9 hours drive from here but thankfully Christine is also going and she will be driving from Melbourne up to here on Monday and staying here the night before we head off Tuesday morning on a little Girls Trek making our way to the retreat.  We plan to take our time and are stopping over in Dubbo overnight before heading to the retreat the following mornings.  I'm sure we will be having a few stops along the way to check out various bits and bobs ...... the countdown is on with just 4  make that 2 sleeps before she arrives!!!!  I'm taking my Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt to try getting the quilting done (its Number 9 on my Chookshed challenge list which is the number for April). 

 I have knitting and crochet and other sewing packed up as

well!!! And then it rained yesterday arvo and drizzled today with cooler weather ..... oooohhhhh how my fingers were itching to cast on something ..... so yesterday I went searching for something else to cast on and I decided on this wonderful mosaic shawl ...... I started trying to plan colours yesterday, but this morning on my walk with Lucy and after the heavy rain last night ...... I found my inspiration with the kangaroo standing in the grasses and this flowering native with the wet dry leaves under it and trunk wet from the rain ...... I'm not totally sure if I'll use the yellow or the red (or both) ...... but my itchy fingers have cast on in the green and I'm loving the way it's knitting up with various shades of green showing.  You will have to wait to see the progress till after I get back from Scrub Stitchin (lol - how appropriate for the photos I just put on here!)

But if you keep scrolling you will get to see the yarn I've chosen and the name of the pattern which can be found on Ravelry .... my only concern now, is that I'll be able to put down the needles and pick up the sewing at the retreat lol


Sooooo excited for this break away and getting time to just sit and stitch .........  although, little Lucy has not been so keen watching me pack my bags, since she now knows what that means .......

Until my next post,

 take care my friends 

Hugs Sharm xo