Wednesday, November 14, 2018

And Life Goes On

I've finally managed to get something finished!  This knitted cowl will be put aside for a christmas
 gift....... Just need to get some matching buttons that will suit and look fine for a guy!

And I've started work on another cowl which will also be Christmas gift giving!

It's been somewhat tough not having my little mate around - but I've spent time working in the flower garden ........ From a puppy he always loved flowers - smelling them and laying in or around them lol

and when I started making a flower garden here he found a spot he liked ........ he now rests there permanently and I've used the basket (which used to be Gramps and Muffins) and the bed (which was originally Mitzi's) - lucky Scruffy ended up getting to use them both for a few years,

 and now I've incorporated them into the garden to surround him.  It makes it feel more like he has his other little mates right there with him.   I think the flower garden is looking quite lovely now.  
Well I'm off to finish getting ready for work - seems to have been quite a drama getting the photos to load onto the computer this morning so instead of a 10min job, this post has taken over 30mins!!!  I'm sure there has to be a quicker method - perhaps I just need to update my old gear!  Anyhow, I'll leave you with this great Snoopy Clip which reminds us of all the wonderful days we get to spend enjoying life !

Have an awesome day!
Hugs Sharm xo

Saturday, November 3, 2018

RIP Scruffy

Yesterday was just the worst day ....... We had to farewell our beautiful little Scruffy.  He turned 16 yrs old in September and we originally got him at 4months of age as a rescue from the RSPCA in Wangaratta.  

He hadn't had a nice first 4 months, but we more than made up for that with the rest of his years.  When he first came into our lives we also had Mitzi, Muffin and Gramps who were a good few years older than him. 
Unfortunately Scruffy has been fighting a bone infection in his mouth for the past few months which was no longer responding to the antibiotics and the pain medication was just not doing it anymore.
My Little Mate, never far away 
  Many of you have shared in his adventures with us here on my blog and I thankyou so much for that.  We will miss our little Scruffy so terribly much. 

 Rest well little boy and be reunited with Muffin (who you loved heaps), Gramps (who you got into mischief with ...... we will all remember the plaster wall you both chewed through when we did renovations to the kitchen lol), and Mitzi who acted as your Doggie Mumma right up till she passed away.  We love you heaps and you will always hold a part of our hearts xo

Monday, October 29, 2018

As October Ends

As October comes to an end its a little scary to think just how close we are getting to Christmas
 again!  Where once upon a time I would be well and truly on track for gift giving, I'm afraid I'm way behind!  In fact many birthdays this year have been "lacking" (something to work on for next year I guess).  I have made a bit of progress on the "Down the Rabbit Hole" with the 2 side Bunny borders now finished and attached and one bird border well under way.  

As you can see, I'm going to have to do something with the corners yet.  All this handstitched needleturn has taken it's toll and I'm feeling more like this the quilt that just never ends!!!

I'm also working on a knitted cowl that I hope will work out for the daughters partner.

And since I have sooo many items currently on needles, I found myself almost out of stitch holders so I got online and ordered these little beauties ....... aren't they just so cute! And they even came with the tea!  Lovely service and nicely packaged!

Meantime, Pete finished the roof on the deck and made one of the poles into double use by attaching  one of the old wheels and filling it with boards to make a small "bar" table outside.  It's been a lovely spot to sit of an afternoon and enjoy a cold drink or a cuppa while we catch up on our day.

We've been getting lots of lovely weather,  Which makes calling into a beachside cafe all the more appealing lol ......

although the humidity is beginning to show itself since we are  getting quite a few afternoon/evening storms.  While they cool things down, the vegie garden has become like a jungle!  The tomato bushes
are the tallest we've had and Pete is busy picking them before the fruit fly gets to them.  Corn cobs are forming and it won't be long before we are picking cucumbers.  The Butter beans are still producing.  When I planted out the vegie garden it was with the expectation that I would have more days at home than what I do right now, so while I should be getting produce preserved, it just hasn't happened yet - but really needs to before we loose it all! 

Meantime we seem to be getting more birds visiting the yard and while it was sad to farewell our families of kookaburras and magpies back down in Bundalong, it seems we have this little kookaburra who is becoming a frequent visitor.  Well that's me for now as I need to get ready to head to work and it looks like it could rain so I might be taking the car today!  Have a great day!

Hugs Sharm

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rain and Storms .....

We've had storm and even Tornado warnings coming through over the past couple of days - I was blessed that these came through on Thursday arvo and hubbie gave me a phone call at work just as I was about to finish for the day.  Luckily he came to pick me up as it just began spitting rain.  While storm and Tornado warnings came through on our phones, we had time to "batten down the hatches" so to speak (including putting the new car under the house for protection from hail).  
While many areas really got a lashing, we were lucky here - we got hail (no damage), wind and lots of rain - lots of rain ....... This large bowl I'd painted up a few weeks back has been sitting waiting for me to put water in - the plan is to get a solar pump, another plant and a couple of goldfish - but the rain has now filled it! ........
 its the first real downpour we've had since moving here so we were able to see if the work we did on the drains worked ...... a massive improvement!  Just a small amount still coming through in one section under the house (which Pete has now attended to).  Being on a slight hill enables most of the water to drain away pretty quickly (something we considered quite carefully when we were looking to purchase up here). Scruffy has not been impressed with so much rain and took to sulking under his blanket last night! lol, it was soo cute I couldn't help but snap a photo!

 So with the weather continuing to be wet and rainy ....... its the perfect time for handicrafts!  I
spent a good amount of yesterday working on "Down the Rabbit Hole".  These large borders are all handstitched using needleturn - they appear to be taking a   very   long ..... long     time!!!!!  There are 4 large borders - thankfully the first one is almost complete with the other 3 in various stages!

And now I've suddenly come to the realization that as of today there are just 10 Weeks and 2 days left till Christmas!!!   Now while that may still make for a number of "shopping days" ..... let me tell you it is not much when it comes to handmade gifts!!  With all that's been going on this year I have to say that Christmas Planning has been very much on the back burner!!  I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve - guess we shall see!  I've made a start on this cowl which I'm hoping will be in somebody's Santa Sack.

I seem to have a few things that are sitting on needles at present -
 they will likely continue sitting now while I tend to Christmas gift giving lists.  Somehow I have this feeling these next 10 weeks are going to fly!!
I wonder how all of you are going with your christmas gift planning?  I used to be well organised but the last couple of years with all the changes and living day to day put much of that type of planning aside ....... I'm def hoping to get planning ahead back into daily practice come next year - but for now I'd best make the most of the next 10 weeks!!

Have a fruitful weekend my friends!


Sharm xo

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Catching Up

I see it's been a couple of months since I last posted here - and it's been busy!  Firstly though, thankyou to those friends who have checked in on us, it is really appreciated! So rather than a big long story, I might just put in a few highlights with photos.  You see I also need to write a couple of letters and this way those that enjoy the snail mail will get the details and those that visit the blog will get to enjoy the photos!
 For those wondering about my work - I've moved on from the nursing home and am now finally at the hospital in Maryborough!

We also decided to trade in the

Pajero and get a smaller car (newer model and still under warranty for the next 6yrs!).  That took a good few weeks of doing the rounds of the car yards both here and at the Bay!  So I now have a lovely little Kia Cerato Sports!

   We now have a deck at the back door!  What a difference and how great does it look!  Pete saved us quite a few $$ by doing all the building work!

Yes, we've had family visiting too!   Stace up from Melbourne and Jaron, Renee and the grandies down from Townsville to help celebrate Pete turning 70 this month!
On the Urangan Pier
Nightly Board Games while they were all visiting!
Old Friends Denis and Chrissy with Jaron and Stace - Stace was just turning 3 when we met Denis!
 Petes birthday celebration on the Saturday - a lunch time get together with the family and the couple of friends that we have already made! (I've yet to get the rest of the photos up)
New friends Trevor, Annette and Sharon (Mel somehow escaped the photo)

 Maryborough even had a street party on in the city centre while they were here, which added a nice highlight!

Family Photo Time
We said goodbye to Jaron, Nay and the grandies on the Sunday (they could only stay a couple of days before having to make the 12 hour drive back to Townsville for work).  Stace had managed to get 10days off and it was lovely to have that extra bit of time with her ...... she flew out from the Sunshine Coast so we had to take advantage of a photo with the surf!
The following Day we had my sister Kathy, her hubbie and their 5 children arrive from New Zealand.  They had stopped in Brisbane before coming up and brought Dad up with them to stay in a little/big house they had rented not far from Maryborough.  It was great getting to catch up with them and first time meeting the nieces and nephews!

Our 3 nieces and 2 nephews - loved getting to meet them in person xo
Running/ Walking (prob more walking lol) is still on the exercise front
And yep the vegie garden is thriving ....... currently picking peas, yellow zucchini and butter beans!
Poor old Sruffy however, has slowed right down.  The vet has him on antibiotics which will be long term.  He is still eating , drinking and gets excited when he thinks we may be going somewhere, or when we get home from being out.,    but he is getting very tired.   He turned 16yrs old this month and he is feeling his age.  He was sooooo happy to have had most of his family come to his new home to see him 

So thats the quick catch up for August and September!  Catch you all again very soon

Monday, July 23, 2018

Too Much?

I'm struggling with where to put some of our paintings and pictures - a few are rather large and
 simply don't suit in the lounge room since the wall space is limited due to furniture, windows or doorways ........ and with the older house, I had really hoped to gather a number of different frames to pop on the wall with various family photos ....... but now, well, I'm just not sure.  I spent hours going through piles of old photos, then having to pick ones that would fit the frames ......... and of course included everyone ......... I still have to fill the middle frame with a larger wedding photo, and also there will be another larger frame at the top
above the middle white one which will have a family photo that includes our DIL, grandchildren and daughters partner (I just have to go through the computer and print it off).    But when I look at the photo of the blank wall and then with all the family frames, I wonder if it is too much?

Sometimes the smallest things seem to be the trickiest - never did I imagine dithering around with the photos and paintings!  Usually I have them up pretty quickly, but now I think I'm perhaps over thinking it all - after all, I'm not going for a magazine spread  lol!

Still, I'd be very happy to get your thoughts ........   

Now, If I could just sort out this study/library area that is already over flowing with papers and files, photos, books and magazines, old files that need to be kept for several years and all the stationary items I seem to have acquired!!!!! ......... Yep, there are still things to sort out, places to find for things to "live" ......... and today I start a new job so we shall see how that goes tooo!

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Expialadoshus!  Maryborough has been celebrating Mary Poppins for the past week with a wonderful "day in the park" yesterday which summed it up beautifully!  I had a lovely walk through the park and out onto the streets that were all closed to traffic and set up with Umbrellas, the most wonderful Chalk drawings that looked like they were something taken straight out of the movie!  

Some of the buildings are from back in the 1800's, and I had meant to go and check out a few more things but somehow I found myself just walking the street taking in all the festivities, It was looking like rain was on the way so I wanted to get back home before it started ...... it poured down all afternoon as it turned out - what a shame for the chalk drawings ...... a bit like the movie I guess!

There were little tiny trains for just one or two men to sit on, and the steam train that runs through
the park that was filled with adults and children enjoying the fun. Theme songs from the  Mary Poppins movie were playing over the loud speakers and many in the crowd found themselves singing along as they walked past the festivities!

  Queens Park is right beside the River Banks of the Mary River so it was a lovely walk.

On Friday night I joined in with Cheryl for FNWF - the virtual handwork which I find is helpful in inspiring to get things worked on ........ I decided to make an all out effort and managed to finish knitting the Fogbound Cardigan (Laura
Aylor design), even getting the ends sewn in.  I just need to give it a bath and block it which I will likely do today since it looks sunny this morning. 

I also managed some secret sewing that I can't show just yet as it will be a gift for somebody that I know reads this blog from time to time.  Oh, and I managed to get the curtains for the dining room finished earlier in the week.  It was so nice to get those horrid blinds down (remember the photo from my last post?)  The curtains make the area look so much nicer now I think ....

Since it rained all afternoon yesterday, I decided to work on some more of the embroidery I'm doing for a table runner.  I got a few more flowers done on it.  Pete had left early to head to Howard with a friend who was doing a stall at the Market up there.  I think they enjoyed having some "bloke time" ..... 

And I certainly kept myself busy ...... I bit the bullet and registered
to undertake my very first Park Run/Walk experience!  And then of course I was off to Mary Poppins and back doing embroidery!  I'm not sure just what will be happening today as yet. 

After spending the past couple of weeks searching, I did eventually locate another tall boy chest of drawers on a buy/swap/sell site.  My hope was that Pete and I could have one each which would allow me to get rid of the horrid wire racks that were already in the house when we bought it! 

We picked it up early Friday morning ........ since it was just near the boat ramps at Urangan, we took advantage and went for a quick walk to have a look ........
Yep, Scruffy came for the road trip in the ute with us!  He is on borrowed time now as he has recently had a couple of little seizures - at 16 1/2yrs we are just letting him enjoy life.
Once back home, I was kept busy then for the entire morning as I dismantled the horrid wire racks
that had been left here (no idea why somebody would set a wardrobe up like that!) ...... and then moved the wardrobes we bought so they lined up where the wire shelves had been, and put the two
tall boys in place which now hold all our clothes that can't be hung.  This dressing area looks soooo much better, feels sooo much better and works wonderfully!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend friends!

The current favorite spot at the top of the stairs to catch the breeze and keep and eye on us both lol ...... at least when he's not in his bed or in the "flower garden"!