Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Catching Up

Well Hello there!  It's been a few weeks since I last caught up with you all! Doesn't time just seem to
zap itself away every now and then with weeks rushing past in a blur!  Hubbie had his birthday at the end of September which was pretty low key being mid week and  work, followed by watching our football team finally manage to win a grand final after 37 years!!  I barracked for the Tigers when I was in my last couple of years at high school on the Gold Coast where AUssie Rules was not the popular sport that it was in Victoria at that time.  When I met Hubbie, he also barracked for them so we were both pretty excited to see them win!
The crocheted flower blanket was wrapped and posted to Townsville for our Granddaughter for her 9th birthday, and safe to say that she loves it!  She was having a flower party for her birthday so the blanket made of flowers just happened to be right on target!!  How did you all go with your flower blankets? I really enjoyed having others crocheting along with me! 

Only 3 days after Jacey's birthday it was our daughter Stacey's turn for a birthday - turning 28this year.  We didn't get down to Melbourne to catch up with her since Pete was working on the Saturday.

And now I'm working on the last of the blankets for this year - this one is for the eldest Grandson who turns 13 in the early part of November.  I have really been trying to use some of my time the past few weeks to try catching up on my quilt BOM - Down the Rabbit Hole, which I got a few months behind in between my poor sewing skills and pressure on getting the grandies birthday blankets crocheted up ....... so I managed to cut out the sunflowers and attach those borders and finished the needle turning for them Monday morning before heading to work ...... I had just one leaf left and really wanted to get it finished!  I'm pleased with how it's coming up, but I'm realising I'm not so great with machine sewing and placement - very thankful for being able to place the leaves in ways that hid where my sunflowers did not meet in the way they should have, but I double that many could tell how bad it was seeing this here now lol ...... after all, its all in the presentation is it not???   There is another small border of pieced bits that I'm not keen on doing ...... we shall see how that works out ........and then I will be finally up to this month where they have just begun on the outer border of rabbits!  I really do need to catch up......... and I also really need to finish the last birthday blanket in the next 24 or so days! Yep, no pressure!!!  My elbow was starting to get a bit sore after the flower blanket, so I'm hoping that all the hand sewing has given it sufficient time to recover for the mad rush ahead of me! I don't have much time off work this week or next so it will be minimal output depending on what chores need doing these next 2 weeks.
Murray River just a short walk

We did have somebody come and look through the house last week which created a flurry of cleaning after the winter months ( although it's still just 4 degrees outside this morning - 14 inside, but we have no heating going now as we let the fire go out the other week).  No offers yet, but hopefully we see this place sold before Christmas gets here!  We also have another inspection happening today - Glad I have the day off today, although now I may not be able to spread material all over the place!  Your prayers for the sale of our house here would be greatly appreciated!  Well, I best get to while the internet is being friendly and get this posted.  Hope this finds you all well, 
Hugs Sharm xo