Sunday, June 5, 2016

Recap of May

May has proven to be just a tad busy, initially quite stressful, upsetting, enjoying and full of surprises.......

First to my OPAM - finished pieces for May included my Sirocco top (Laura Aylor pattern)

 and a footy hat for daughter which thankfully she loved when it arrived in her mail box! It is my 4th Woolly Wormhead hat for 2016 - the goal is knit a dozen different ones in the year.


Oh and also a scarf for mum which was knitted in bunny yarn!
We've had a few ups and downs with Dad, but thankfully that has just proven to bring my sister and I closer (hard when you've never lived together as children and have had different mothers and lives).  Really enjoying having her support, albeit from over the sea in New Zealand lol   I'm currently working on some beanies/hats of various types for the nieces and nephews which range in age from 4 - almost 13!

May is also my birthday, which was rather a quiet affair this year.  We had had so much drama that weekend that I couldn't be bothered making myself a cake when it was just Pete and I that would be here for it.  I did get some lovely little bits arrive in the mail from the children and their partners (and grandies) which was rather special, nice surprises and lots of fun!

And after getting some not so wonderful blood results indicating that chronic stress was encroaching on my health in a big way, I decided it was time to step up and do something about it!  I've previously done the 12WBT program and had good success back in the later part of 2013, just before we had some horrendous family stress during 2014 and 2015 with various family members!  So yes, I have decided to get my mindset sorted out so I can work on building up my immune system back into a healthy place through exercise, good nutrition, and positive mindset!  It's also coincided with Pete and I finally having our home with just the two of us (which was meant to happen when we bought this smaller place 6 yrs ago lol).  So you will no doubt be seeing some of my 12wbt journey here as well.  I'm currently debating if I do it here, or put it on a separate blog????  I've been undertaking all the preseason tasks for the past 2 wks and I've already lost half a kg of weight, and not feeling so exhausted on a 24/7 basis - a positive change already!