Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne ......

Whew!!  It's been so crazy around here since getting back from Bendigo!  I came back from there
with only a week before I had to fly up to Brisbane to help my Dad who lives way out the back of Brisbane and was having a procedure but had no supports or transport to get to and from the little town where he lives at present.  He used to live in Wynnum and really misses it, more so since his wife passed away in December one of the days before I left, we went for a drive down there and enjoyed some fish and chips on the bay!  This is Dad standing at the Wynnum pool - first time I've seen it empty in years!  It was built during the depression years by those on the dole, and fills when the tide comes in.  
 Unfortunately I came down with another bout of sickness which started with the loss of my voice the day before I flew back home!  There seems to have been a lot of things going around this year with our much colder winter!  Luckily I recovered in time to be able to fly out with hubbie to Townsville for our sons 30th Birthday Bash....... a villain fancy dress party!  We arrived Thursday night, in time to watch our eldest grandson Jarryn run in the interschool sports on Friday morning

Followed by watching his soccer match on Saturday just before the party.  Our son Jaron coaches the team, and I'm pleased to say they seemed to be a really great bunch of kids!!  Then it was time to get ready for the party........ Jaron had been growing his hair specifically to dress the part of the Joker ....... I think he did a fantastic job of it too  - Look at this!!

I used the Pirates of the Caribbean for inspiration for my costume and we had lots of fun with everyone there!  It really was a great night!  

The entire weekend was so enjoyable, especially seeing our grandies who we hadn't seen in 2 years!
Backyard Cricket - What Else with a family meet up!

A week later and Jaron headed down to Melbourne for a footy weekend -   So while the boys went to the Richmond Match on Saturday, ..........

The boys looked so good all dressed up (in order to be able to enter the Members Section ),we just had to take the opportunity for a photo..... I especially love having Flinders Street Station in the background lol

 Stace and I had a girls afternoon shopping and going to the movies, before we met up with the boys again to head  off for dinner.   

Sunday Morning I really wanted to hit the Vic Markets, and wasn't disappointed ....... I picked up this ......... Totally different, one of a kind (for now)........ which I think will end up on my writing desk (once I clear it ...... again!!)

So as you can see, between all of this and work,  there has not been much time for any knitting, crochet, sewing, soap making, blogging ....... or cleaning (those with wood fires would appreciate just how bad that means my floors and everything else is lol).  And that my friends is pretty much August in a Nut Shell!