Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Year..... A New Start

Hi there everyone, or those of you who just happen to still wonder if I'm around. Perhaps I'm just writing to myself....... I can deal with that LOL. Anyhow, haven't gotten around to working out the phot situation, so ill be blogging without photos for the time being. My wonderful hubbie bought me an iPad 4 for Christmas! Have to say I was just a bit stunned...... How did he even know I wanted one?? And now my DIL was able to tell me there was an app for blogger so I could write posts....... Well, who could pass that up?? And in December we were blessed by getting ADSL2 Internet in our area!!!!!! This has made a huge difference and I can even view photos on blogs without having to wait hours for them to download! Well, just a big hello to anyone still around and I hope to go visit some of your blogs a little later today after some much needed house work gets done. Until next time, big hugs, sharm