Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Retirement and only a Week left

Pete finally retired from work on Friday although I'm not altogether convinced it will be
permanent and I think he feels like its more just part of the whole moving process!  Time will tell, but daughter and I felt the need to give him a bit of a celebration at any rate, which he was pretty to enjoy!

A farewell dinner with friends at Boorhaman Hotel - like going home since we lived just a few doors down from the pub  for 8 years (after Brisbane and before the Townsville move).  I often wish we had gone back to Boorhaman rather than coming to Bundalong - we might well have just stayed put if we had!  And as you might notice in the photo, Stace has the scarf on which I got finished for her.

Meagan (work colleague and friend) was over on Friday for a farewell coffee and she gave me a lovely little bird ornament, and hand cream (which I forgot to take a photo of before packing it) ....... and I in turn surprised her with the finished rainbow lap blanket which she loved to bits and kept draped over her during our catch 

All systems go this weekend - Mothers Day today and the lovely Chrysanthemums from Stace and John to go to the new house and continue the tradition that was started many years ago! 

And Scruffy wasn't forgotten ...... he got a bag full of goodies that Stace and John had picked up the previous weekend while at a dog show in Melbourne ..... he loved it of course and particularly the little stuffed doggie toy they bought him as well!

but I think he loved it even more that Stace had the blow up mattress out in the lounge for the entire weekend for him to share with her lol

Onward with the packing ....... no contract
signed yet so idea if we are leaving here with the house sold or putting a rental in ...... and we are just so over by this stage that we are just proceeding with getting things done ready to leave!  3 more days of work left for me and then we have 4 days to get everything finished off and cars packed up ready to take off tomorrow week!  It's going to be a busy week ahead (with my birthday right in the middle of the week), and hopefully I'll manage to get one more post done before we leave ....... take care everyone

Sharm xo
It's hard work keeping up with everyone!


Helen said...

Another lovely post, hope hubby enjoys his retirement.

Ellie Merk said...

Happy retirement to hubby and good luck with the move :)

Susan said...

Good Luck with move - sounds as if you ahev plenty left to do...try to have a great birthday too!

Lynda said...

Sounds like you have things well in hand with the move, and also some time for catch-ups and farewells.

Happy Birthday too! I hope you find some time to enjoy and celebrate your special day!! xx