Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hello from Maryborough

Well here we are in our new home in Maryborough at long last!  It's been such a busy time since the last post which was from Bundalong ........ settlement on that house should be going through in the next couple of weeks- what a blessing to have it sold right at the last minute! I was very grateful to have some of our neighbors pop over to help with the cleaning of the house and to keep us company as it took longer to get the semi trailer packed with all our stuff than we had hoped, so didn't get to leave Bundalong till almost 3pm ..... 
me in the Pajero with Scruffy and cliff ( the lorikeet) , following Pete who was driving the Ute with the boat

towing behind! 5 hours later we pulled into
Thanks Wendy!
Parkes for the night and I was glad to be off the road after driving in the dark for the last couple of hours.  Luckily we had no issues with kangaroos.  We left there at 4:45am Tuesday morning and drove straight through only stopping for fuel and toilet stops as  during which time 

Mick popping in for a last chat with Pete

Scruffy was able to get out for a quick walk.  We pulled into our friends place at Curra at 5pm for a cuppa and then made the last 40mins pulling into our house here around 6:30pm Tuesday night!  It was one very long couple of days!!!  We had Wednesday to get a little collected before the removalist van arrived on Thursday morning and we started the unloading .....

We are no major hurry to have to get everything unpacked all at once, but have begun making a good
start nun the less.  I quickly discovered I needed more storage in the kitchen so Pete has put up some floating shelves which are making a massive difference already!  I'm cited to see some of my canisters again as they were packed up nearly 18months ag.   When we brought the first load of boxes up in June last year I had seen a couple of little paw paw seedlings growing in the veggie garden ....they were around 2-3 inches high and I carefully tended them while here leaving them with grass mulching around them ...... well, oh my goodness, what a surprise to find not only had they survived, but had grown quite tall and one was even bearing fruit!  I'm looking forward to them ripening and getting to eat fresh paw paw!  Speaking of the yard, our friends hadn't been able to get up to mow for a couple of weeks and the grass was in need of a good mow - Pete soon put the ride on to work pretty much making hay with the amount of it!  I'm putting it into a couple of large boxes to compost down for a new vegie garden bed ....... I'm keeping the empty boxes so I can lay them on the ground to begin making it as I'm hoping to be able to grow quite a bit of produce.

Today we downed tools and headed off to the Koala Market down at the Bay ...... wonderful fresh fruit and I picked up a huge lot of strawberries for just $8 (they are very sweet and yummy, just not looking "right" for supermarkets).  When we got back here I used 1kg to make some jam for us, then
sliced up another 2.5kg which I've put in 1/2 kg lots in the freezer, another 1kg into a container in the fridge to use for smoothies and another 1/2 kg is in a basket on the bench for eating! Once I get a few more things sorted I'll share a few more photos ........ take care all,
Hugs Sharm


Susan said...

How wonderful to be there finally!!
Good news on the paw paw too!

Maria said...

Welcome to your Home...You'll have to update your profile now..
Pleased all went well and you have time to settled in.

Lin said...

So pleased you are finally there Sharm and I hope you will both be very happy in your new home. xx

Maria said...

So pleased for you both that you are finally in your new will find that winter is a lot milder up here in Queensland! 😉🤗

Ellie Merk said...

Ooh all those strawberries, I love picking them at the local farms, they taste so much nicer. Glad you are getting sorted with the move, well done on the paw paw :)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Phew that’s a big’s me umm ing about 3 hours away lol! enjoy your new home! ‘See’ you at Chooky’s party!

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

That does sound like an adventure. I'm sure you're going to be very happy there :)