Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Open House

A Big Thankyou to those of you who have asked how the Open House went on Saturday here in
Bundalong, Victoria ....... unfortunately the real estate did not see fit to actually advertise it in the paper and had decided that a photo of the boat ramp was an appropriate front photo for the day ....... ummm, yes, good one guys - not many turned up - 1 couple to be exact who happened to hear about it while at another house !  I'm sure these real estate agents get paid far more than they ever should !

However Pete and I put in a massive effort to ensure the place looked clean and loved ....... and even finished with time to sit (exhausted) before the open time ....... Even Scruffy was pleased to see we could just sit and relax for a bit ......

Once the agent arrived we went up the local Pub for a drink to pass away the 45mins - some fancy cars were up there getting photo shoots done ...... As you might imagine that time passed quickly.   
At any rate we have a lovely clean and tidy home and yard to enjoy while we wait for the "right time".   I had to take advantage and snag a few photos while benches were clear etc etc lol
Bundalong Tavern

Back of the Beehive Crafting Cabin

Bundalong - Jan 2017


Susan said...

Looking spic & span - hopefully the agents will be better organised next time.

Jo said...

Hope they get there act together

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm what a lovely home you have i am sure it will sell in no time.
Oh thats not good about the agent,hope things improve there for you,fingers crossed for you my friend.

Lin said...

What a shame the agent let you down like that - you have such a beautiful home too. Hope you get lucky soon. xx