Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Its all about the Hexies

Firstly thankyou for all the lovely compliments about the blogging tablecloth that is slowly taking shape thanks to all the lovely signature hexies various ladies have sent.  For those of you who still want to make a hexie to send me I thought it would be easier to put the details here to save having to go back through older posts to get the details.......
The finished hexie size is 2.5inches ( that is 2.5 in along each finished hexie side).  They will need to be done on white, cream, calico, pale lemon or pale yellow fabric, but feel free to embroider them in whatever colour you wish.  Pop your name, blogname, town or country you come from (like you can see in the previous post) ....... I'm so happy to have blogging and snail mail friends sharing in this tablecloth.

Meantime I've been busy getting to work on making some flowers with 2 more of the signature blocks that arrived.  I'm working on them in the order they arrived here, so next is the one I received from Anthea  of Hibiscus Stitches- who also happens to be hosting EPP!  The chook fabric just seemed to work so well with the embroidery thread used. For those wondering what EPP is - English Paper Piecing - you have shapes cut from paper, you then tack material around the paper to form the shape  these shapes get sewn together after which the papers get pulled out. (that's it in a nutshell)

And then I was able to get started on the signature hexie from Sheryl. from Sewing After Seven.  I just love the embroidered flower sitting in the S.  I spent lots of time changing my mind about which fabrics I was going to use, but eventually ended up with these......... I still have a bit of stitching to finish on it yet
It's nice to be getting my handstitching mojo back after such a very long break. Wishing I was home this week to be able to stitch and sew a few more things that need doing!  Anyhow I'll leave with this photo of Cliffy - the lorikeet who our son got as a baby when he was around 15 - he's the one that is now married with 3 children living in Townsville - which makes Cliff around 15yrs old!  It's hard to tell he's a lorikeet with all the feathers he continues to pull out and he just won't
leave his small cage, except when I have it against the bigger cockatoo cage out on the lawn so he can play in the grass and dirt without being attacked by other birds ..... yes, well apparently on Sunday arvo he tunnelled his way out without us knowing until we drove in after a quick pick up to find Cliffy sitting at the front door waiting to be taken inside - after all it was 5 oclock - the time he usually calls out to be brought inside.  He got so excited when he saw me bringing his cage up from the garden and jumped straight inside with a "goodnight cliffy" to us!!!! Gotta love it!!


Jo said...

A funny story about cute Cliffy... Good to see the cloth out.

Anonymous said...

Well trained bird! What a good idea to have a larger cage as a playground for him. I love your signature hexagon idea.

Lin said...

Your hexie flowers are looking lovely. Great Cliff story. xx

Anthea said...

Oh I do love that chook fabric Sharmayne! Lovely Cliffy story! x