Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stitching and Sunshine

Last night was the" Friday Night With Friends" sew in (FNWF) hosted by Cheryll from Gone Stitching.  I started off working on a bit more of my jumper I'm hoping to get finished this month ..... Bear River by Laura Aylor.

But I'd also decided it was time to go and pull out the tablecloth I'm working on for the "Beehive"
Especially since I've had another signature hexie arrive in my mailbox!  Thanks so very much Susan.  It's kinda cool having the map of Queensland embroidered on it since that was where I was born and grew up.  Our family have also spent several years (in several houses) living up there - so a very big thank you!!.   I now have 7 lovely ladies who have taken the time to make a signature hexie for me to add to my blogging friendship tablecloth. (or see below this post).  I've pulled out some of the new fabrics I bought when we were away earlier this year to use and managed to get some more hexies made up as well as getting one signature flower completed!  My plan is to make up the flowers in the order in which the signature hexies arrived so that I can link back to each of those wonderful ladies.  The flowers are rather big as I hadn't really expected to receive very many signature ones since its quite an effort to embroider one up and then post it out, so I feel very blessed with those I have here - so there has been lots of consideration to which fabrics bring out the best in the embroidery.  This first one is from Lin

 We've been having sooo much rain of late that the rivers are flooded and the paddocks are so full of water that I've had  minor flooding across some of the roads on the way to and from work this past week!  So it's been wonderful to have a Sunny day today - still quite cold mind you, but without the rain.  Scruffy and I were able to go for a walk along the river track and check out how high the water is getting.

It won't get high enough to cause damage to any of the housing as further down in Yarrawonga they are letting water out through the weir gates.  I took Dad to go and have a look at it.  While we drove there today, it is actually within easy walking distance from his unit so he is planning to head back here now he knows which way to go.
Dad checking the water flowing out and below you can see the bridge over the wall which crosses the Murray and links Victoria to New South Wales.



Julimond said...

Is there a pattern for this interesting sweater? Looks great.

And your hexies.....i prepared a tablerunner with hexas with signature last night. I found the flowers somewhere in my sewing room a few days ago. Funny you make the same or something similar.

Greetings from Germany


Helen said...

Great jumper, lovely hexies and post always interesting to read :)

Karen's Korner said...

Some interesting things happening at your place. I know what you mean about the sunshine - we have not seen the sun here in Sydney for the past week. Everything is wet, grey, cold and drab.

Bev C said...

Hello Sharymane,

A lot of interesting projects being worked on. Your tablecloth will make for some interesting dinner table conversations.

Happy days.

Anthea said...

Great work on the knitting Sharmayne... what a great idea of Susan's to include the QLD map on the hexy she sent to you!

Lin said...

Well thank you for starting with my hexie flower first - it looks great and those colours are just my favourites. Great jumper and stay safe from flooding - not nice. xx

Susan said...

When I included the map - it was more to show where it came from - of course I didn't realise you had lived in Qld - good luck with your hexie project - I think its a great idea. I look forward to seeing it.

Maria said...

Great progress with the jumper.. What a great idea with the Hexie tablecloth. I would love to make one for you. Don't know how I missed previous posts.