Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter.  I certainly hope everyone is having an enjoyable time with family and friends .... and perhaps even a little bit of "me" time.   I've certainly been keeping busy in the Beehive - hubbie poked his head in at some stage today and asked if perhaps a nuclear bomb had gone off!!  I was very careful to explain that Beehives are very busy places and he should be careful of getting stung lol
There has been crochet, knitting, and sewing all going on ...... sew linking in with FNSI which this time is an Easter long virtual sew along ........

Dishcloths and hand towels
Some more work on the hexies as I begin to work out which colours and hexies to put with the signature blocks that are starting to roll in from everywhere to help me make up my blogging tablecloth for the Beehive.

  I've decided to work on each of the signature block flowers in order that they arrive here ..... first off is Lin's ..... I've decided to go with the bright pink for 3 petals and the blue flowers for the other 3 to make the flower ...(and yes, those are marshmellows that I was eating while contemplating ......)

I also decided that I should go through my fabric stash and pull out some of the fabrics that I might like to use in the table cloth ...... some to use as the petals for the signature flowers, and some for hexies that will fill in other places.  I know I have quite a few picked out, and they may not all end up getting used, but it's a start ......... Any thoughts?? 

Knitting has also been on the agenda as I continue to work on Stonehaven (it WILL be completed for Winter for DH!!),   and a bit of my Sirocco that I started whilst on holidays.   Then, by accident, I stumbled upon an "Outlander" mkal that is to begin on 9th April (which is more like our 10th April with the time difference).  It's going to be a shawl or scarf or something like that (it is a mystery knit along after all), and there is a hint of "plaid" that they speak about.  Well, you have realised I'm an outlander fan when I shared the photo of the Dianna Gabaldon book I found whilst on holidays!   So, naturally that led me to searching out some yarns in the colours I want to use.  They suggest colours based on Jaimies kilt from season 1 .......... since I don't have many plain colours in 4ply, I decided I would order some from Bendigo Woollen Mills ......... amazingly a couple extra balls of yarn jumped into my online shopping cart!  If you think you might want to join in, you can find out more about it on Ravelry or by clicking here.    There was talk in the chat about the upcoming Mkal, that some have found tartan project bags to keep this particular project in ......... hmmmmm, I knew I had some tartan fabrics in my stash, yep!  Sew I've begun working on a little project bag ......... I'll let you know if it works out!
In the midst of all the merriment, don't forget Jesus is the reason for Easter and perhaps take a moment to give thanks.
Hugs Sharm          


Maria said...

You sure have been busy in the Hive! Working on lots of lovelies

Helen said...

Happy Easter Sharmayne xx

Lin said...

Happy Easter Sharm - great busy bee work. xx

Karen's Korner said...

It looks like there have been a few "busy bees" this Easter. How lovely to be able to have a play with your stash - nothing better than to get it out, put this with that and make a decision. Have fun.