Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Relaxation equals projects

The horse wagon did numerous rounds past the house over Easter 
Easter really was overall quite a nice restful time ........   I spent quite a bit of time sitting on the verandah or in the bee hive working on knitting or other projects, watching all the people walking by, and the horse wagon going past several times (rides were being done from the Pub to help raise money for the royal childrens hospital appeal).  Bundalong had a nice community  fundraiser afternoon going which we attended before heading over to Boorhaman for the annual RCHA auction which we have attended every Good Friday since 2003, except for the one year when we were living in Townsville.

I did get a tartan/ reversible project sack made up for the knitting project starting on 9th April that I mentioned in my previous Easter post .......  It's very simple, but it will be good to pop the knitting project into to keep it nice and clean.   I may end up making some more of these simple sacks for Christmas .

And I also managed to get a good bit of weeding done in the garden ..... even started work on what will be a major makeover for the pond area.  Stage 1 involves the weeding of all the "memory herb" (remember it's invasive!!!) and all the other weeds, covering the lower section (which overflows when we fill the pond right up ) with plastic sheeting which will then be covered with rocks and stones and perhaps some sand as well to give it a kind of "beachy" feel .  The chair will then sit on the edge of this to make it easier when mowing.  I'll also be digging up all the bulbs and smaller plants - way too difficult to keep the grass and weeds under control in this area.

Pete managed to get an armload of apples from a roadside tree, which were promptly turned into a large apple pie for desert and a few
smaller ones that he could take with him this week while he is working away again.  Last week he got to take blackberry puffs with him as I'd "found" the container of stewed berries I had put in the freezer a few months back.   I had planned to make some more batches of plum jam from the 3kg of plums I bought at the farmers market on Sunday, but after they sat on the kitchen bench we discovered they were full of fruit fly - I was and still am rather unhappy about that!!!  Not only is it the fact of $, but this would have topped up my current supply to give us a good full year supply with enough to give to family and friends.   Anyhow, it happens - luckily this year I have a decent supply of our own tomatoes that I have chopped and frozen ready for the next batch of tomato relish!    And now unfortunately, it's back to work I go! 


Lynda said...

Hi Sharm - glad you got time to relax...and get a few projects done :) xx

Anthea said...

Weeding & pond rejuvenating doesn't sound relaxing to me Sharm! Good effort though... great bag for your knitting