Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekend Wonders

Dad and Scruffy on the new seat
A while back Pete and I found a couple more old style wheels, and after some discussion it was decided they would become a new garden seat.  I'm so thankful that Pete is handy like this.  While the seat was finished a couple of weeks ago, being on wheels it wasn't safe to sit on until he was able to stabilize it .... which also meant we wheeled it around the yard a bit finding "just the right spot".  The right spot seems to be in front of the water tank with its grapevine.  Dad and Scruffy were keen to try it out.  I can see myself grabbing a cushion and laying along it while reading a book in the Autumn sunshine!
I also wanted to show you this......  Sheryl from Sewing after Seven sent me this gorgeous
embroidered hexie together with a craft magazine from Spain!  No, I don't speak the language, but I'm loving looking through it at the pics, and it has lots of projects that you can work out what to do from the photos.  I'm sure if I get stuck I can just take a photo and ask Sheryl for a translation lol   later this week you will get to see how the hexies are working up.

It seems to have taken ages to catch up on the 

Mail Box at the Finley John Deere Shop
mowing.  The grass grew so much during the time we were away I was beginning to wonder if we might end up making hay!  Of course it might not have gotten quite so long if the battery didn't always need jump starting, which is quite a process on your own with a ride on.  Finally on Saturday while we were out we lashed out on a new battery for the ride on ... Hooray!  I had to stop and take a photo of their mail box at the front of the shop! 

The 3 chicks all have feathered feet
The yard always looks so nice after a hair cut doesn't it?  The chooks seem to love it too, and they
were let out while I got around to doing some inside renovations on their pen.  Its only a small shed, which was already here when we bought the house (minus a proper roof, or shades, or door ).

  I decided to use a couple of pellets to lift the nesting boxes off the ground, and also added a couple of "new" nesting boxes since lately nobody seems to be wanting to lay eggs in their house!  Well, here it is Monday morning already and I'm off to work shortly - have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm i love your happy post and how lovely of Sheryl to send you a parcel,enjoy your day my friend xx

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Your wagon wheel bench is wonderful! So nice to get a parcel in the mail from a friend. Hope you get some eggs in the comfy-looking nest boxes. x Karen

Helen McCulloch said...

Hello .....

Lovely post..
I'm trying to contact you for the No Fuss Swap but your email link isn't working so could you get back to me with your email address please....


Chookyblue...... said...

love your seat......I have some big wheels I am going to make a table from..........must get that job done..........