Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Market Day Finds

Sunday was Market Day at Yarrawonga and Pete and I headed off for our monthly visit - it operates on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  Often we walk around getting a bit of veg and the dog treat for Scruffy, but this week.................Look what I came home with

This cute little bicycle is just the right size for one of Teddy Bears to sit on, and goes well with the rocking chair and pram.................. Pete was wonderful and purchased it for me - although that could have had something to do with the fact that he was getting a number of cray nets from the same place LOL

Did I mention that place also had this amazing basket!!!  I have a thing for baskets............ what can I say???

And the Iris's inside the basket cam from another shop............ I had been on a garden walk about the day before and all the Iris's are out in all the gardens down here and looking so wonderful.  I do already have a few............. but I have decided I'd like to put a row of them in front of our front verandah.

Having a hubbie who is super efficient at "haggling" the price of things............ I ended up with these 3 wonderful lamps for under what 2 were originally going to cost me - and they were already a good price (so I thought ).
Unfortunately I can't download the photo right now - I have been trying the past few hours, so will just post without the photo for now

So I've now done a slight re arrange of the lounge room to incorporate the new item..............


Anonymous said...

its so much fun shopping Sharm and sounds like you bought some beautiful items.xx

Mrs. Doug said...

Gotta love those "Market Days", we call them Flea Markets or Farmers Markets. A Flea Market usually means used and old items. A Farmer's Market usually means new items and produce/food items. I love both.

We have a local dump that has a "useable" shed. There's a donation box if you think what your are taking out is worth anything. I love that too and get lots of stuff from there. The set of dishes we are using right now are from the "useable" shed at the dump.

I like the little tricycle. That was some little person's beloved toy at one time. You're right... just right for a Teddy Bear.

I save good strong baskets to use in the garden. I have quite a collection, but they are all utilitarian in nature, bushel baskets, apple baskets and deep baskets with strong handles for picking tomatoes and beans and such.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Christine M said...

Sounds like you had a good day's shopping at the market. Cute little bike. You'll have to show a photo with a teddy on it.

Cheryll said...

Don't you just LoVe it when a bargain comes along and we come home from shopping with a big smile! I know I do lol :)

Lynda said...

I have a 'thing' for baskets too! I had quite a collection years ago, but with subsequent moves I had to get rid of them. I'm now starting to buy up again and I'm happy to see that there are a few nice shops in town that sell secondhand baskets :o) xx

rosie said...

Hi Sharm, so good to catch up again. I love the little trike... I could just see Max zipping around on it when he is a little bigger! I too love baskets, but I have run out of room to put them in! Hope you are well.xx