Thursday, October 11, 2012

After much Ado...........

Rain outside, well icy rain actually and freezing cold today had made for the perfect day (since I'm on a "home" day today), to get some sewing and crochet done. 
I managed to sort through my stash and pull out a few pieces to make up some pot mits - one or two for me to use here, and a few that will be used for christmas gifts. 

To go with the pot holders, I thought I'd make up some little kitchen hand towels with a twist....... I took a trip up to Albury yesterday and went to Spotlight where I purchased some plain face washers ( and a bit more wool for a few other projects....)....... then added some matching fabric to them....... what do you think?? 

On another note altogether........... we've been having quite the spot of trouble with our bore pump since July!  It supplies our house with running water (we also have a gravity feed tank for our drinking water).  The pump has been in & out for repairs and so we have had a couple of methods of dealing with things while it's been out of order (buckets & jugs, and then thanks to a wonderful neighbour - a garden hose connected to our place)........ anyhow - it could no longer be fixed and so we now have a lovely new one!!  May I also say how our water pressure has also improved - what a blessing!


Maria said...

Great pot holders and I like the idea of the face washer.

Hmm I know all about pumps living on our block.. Pleased you have a new one.. Makes live so much easier.

Christine M said...

Your pot holders look great Sharm. They look too nice to use and get dirty! LOL! Your face washer looks good too.

Mrs. Doug said...

I have got to make us some new potholders... I've got all the stuff to do it... except time.

I love the fabrics you chose. We went without running water the first year we lived here... no fun, so I can empathize. We also had not electricity but we did have a toilet, but could not use it 'cause it we had no water to flush it out. My mother lived in those conditions... well, she had electricity, but no septic or water for 5 years in the backwoods of Maine with two kids.

Well, we have all those things now, but I am looking forward to getting into the house and out of the camper.

Mmmmm those cookies look yummy!