Sunday, October 14, 2012

At last it's out!

What a busy weekend I've had!  Finally yesterday after quite the struggle, I managed to get the dishwasher out of the kitchen.  It's an old one that was here when we bought the house  over 2 years ago and it looked like it would probably cause lots of drama if we tried using it.  The original plan was to replace it, however after 2 1/2 yrs there have really only been a handful of times that I've wished it was working.... so I figured that since we are so short on storage space here, that I would be better taking it out and using the empty space for storage!  Let me tell you it was not as easy as I had thought...... old, the cupboards had been built to not alow it to be removed/replaced easily, it had no metal sides or top (as I discovered)..... I had to cut pipes and the electric cord!!!  But I do now have an empty space :)  I had thought I would put the microwave in there on top of a shelf..... I just have to wait now to have a hole put in the cupboard so the power cord can feed through!  We have found this house to be somewhat of a challenge each time you think you might easily do something!

I moved on with my day and got some much needed baking done since we were out of biscuits........ jam drops, macadamia biscuits and some with just a choc melt in the top

I managed to get the lawns mowed and a little gardening in between hanging out the numerous loads of washing that had been sitting waiting while our bore pump (which supplies our household water) was getting fixed ....... and then replaced!!! We now have a new one

And yes, I did get to work on some of my crochet and sewing as well....... and some decluttering and cleaning....... busy, busy :)

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