Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Are Here!

Finally here we are in our new home after a rather eventful road trip! The removalist arrived early on Monday Morning 22nd and finally we had everything loaded & the house cleaned up, cars packed & ready to go by just after lunch. The truck headed off & then we were ready to leave. Pete leading the way towing the boat (with Mitzi, the 15 yr old dog on the front), then next came Stacey & John in her little car, with me bringing up the rear in the 4WD towing the box trailer (with the other 3 dogs & the bird in its cage all in the car with me). By now it was raining of course & we headed off waving goodbye to Jaron & Renee & kids and PJ (who was staying the night with them before getting a flight to Melbourne). We headed towards Charters Towers then turned south towards Bylando Crossing. This is a long inland road that has no turnoffs for a few hundred kms. Halfway to the "crossing" we were hailed down by another 4WD coming the other way & telling us to quickly turn around & head back as flood waters were across the road further up & if we didn't hurry then we would soon be cut off (possibly for a few days). As we headed back the waters had indeed come across the road in some sections & we had to drive through a rather "interesting" one which was quickly rising & beginning to move with some force. Luckily we got through & after 700kms found ourselves back in Townsville & staying the night with Jaron & Renee!!! We were all pretty tired & even Mitzi was happy to just fall asleep on top of some of the luggage!
Jacey however, was pretty happy to see us all back & was quick to get Pop reading books with her LOL
After 200mls of rain overnight we took off about 5am Tuesday morning......... this time taking the coast road which we had been told was currently open. Although water lapped the road sides at various places, we were able to get through & headed down as far as Rockhampton before heading inland & staying the night at Banana! Wednesday saw another long day as in the early afternoon the commodore which Pete was driving decided to call it quits! Thankfully Pete was able to coast it into a roadhouse (truckie stop/ fuel station), which meant we were safe & not on the side of the road watching out for Road Trains passing by. We also had the advantage of toilets, drinks, food & shade (as the rain had now passed the sun was shining down).
The dogs enjoyed being able to get out of the car, but after sitting on the side for a few hours waiting for the tow truck, they too were happy when we finally got going again.
The commodore & boat were towed back to Moree where they awaited a car carrier to bring them the rest of the way & we transfered all its contents into the 4WD . We spent that night in Narabri & enjoyed a lovely dinner at the RSL there which was decked out with old world items & put on a "lightning " show inside while we ate! Thursday evening we made it to Boorhaman & stayed the night in Wangaratta with friends before picking up the keys to our new home on Friday morning. Sunday morning at 7am the furniture truck arrived with all our stuff + Stacey & Johns gear which will be stored here for the next few weeks till they sort out their accommodation. The house feels like "home" already although I'm still working on numerous boxes of unpacking & finding places for everything to go. So now the excitement really begins as we begin to work on various things around our little country homestead!


Terry said...

The new place looks very nice, You have got to feel so relieved:) Best wishes on getting settled in :)
Hus & Prayers,

Sharmayne said...

Thanks Terry, Unpacking is still underway but finding new homes for all the bits & pieces is fun. Looking forward to being able to plan out the garden before long.