Monday, May 8, 2017

It's a Woolly Post

rainbowhareYep, I'm still enjoying the yarn...... it's so soothing and the variety of textures never seems to end!  Now I had meant to get this post done yesterday (Sunday), but due to the internet, well the NBN to be exact, being down from Friday evening when I got home from work until today - Monday when I've just arrived home from work anything was very minimalistic!!!  So a day late, I'm linking in with Rainbow Hare  for wool on Sundays which is a monthly catch up. 
 I've been busy working on finishing the crocheted cotton blanket for youngest grandson Jaxson which will be for his birthday in July ....... I'm pleased to say I managed to finish off the border over the weekend, so it's all done and folded.  The orange is a bit of a stand out  ..... I'm always amazed at how the ripples change depending on the colours used.   I have blankets to do for the other 2 grandchildren for their birthdays in October and November as well as one for their Mum and Dad's bed which will hopefully be for Christmas ...... but guess we shall have to wait and see how that all pans out with everything else I'm doing lol  I think it should be big enough for his single bed given this photo is taken on a double size ..... and I would like that he could easily pull it off to take out to the lounge to wrap himself in when he feels so inclined.  What do you think??

I blogged about the fingerless gloves in my last post, so I won't bore you again with those, but they are getting lots of wear!  And I'm pleased to say I've made more progress on the shawl I started on last week ...... a new one of Laura Aylors designs called "So Happy Together". 
I love counting down the rows till I get to change my colours again ..... part way into the blue which is the last colour before stripes begin ....... and then a border ........
I'm going to leave all the current sewing projects for another post, hopefully later in the week when I've had time to catch up on reading a few other blogs around the place.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!
Some of my chrysanthemums out flowering 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Yarn Just Makes it Right ......

Winding Yarn ready for a new scarf
Yarn just seems to have this soothing sensation to it that just makes the world a better place .... don't you think??   Although you may think I've been sitting on my hands all month I can assure you that is far from the case! 
My little sewing cabin is now the home of all the household boxes that have been packed up and are awaiting the first shift scheduled for mid June when hubbie and I plan to head to our home in Maryborough for 2 weeks of Annual Leave.  We figured we may as well get a removalist in and get all the excess stuff moved up there and just be left with minimal stuff here till we sell.   Naturally minimal to
The sewing cabin is now the storage centre
me means that I need to ensure I have sufficient yarn of various weights and types for any knitting or crochet projects I'll need to do between now and whenever the house sells ....... and of course I must keep out my BOM projects and materials ........ and then there is the hexie blogging tablecloth (which is due for a post of its own in the near future) ....... and of course I best keep out the smaller hexie stuff just in case .........

Pete has been busy sorting and cutting bits of wood ...... Burls to be exact for a project or two he has in mind when the new journey begins .......   Seems we both enjoy a bit of creativity lol

Anyhow at the very least I've managed to get a couple of projects completed during April ....... The
Jeans cushion for daughter Stacey before her operation ( Thankyou to those who have asked after her, she seems to be doing well and we finally received the results back that the lump removed is not cancerous! 

And I've also managed to finish a pair of fingerless gloves - my first ever pair.  The pattern is Grey Islands by Laura Aylor using a worsted weight yarn (12 ply), so they will be perfect for the
cooler weather that is rolling in here at the moment!  Hubbie even lit the fire up this week, so it will be kept going now until we head off on holidays in June.

All the sorting and packing has been keeping me busy between that and work so it was lovely to go and visit the Ravely Site the other day ................. Naturally that meant pulling some yarn out of my
The 4 yarns planned for the scarf
stash pile and enjoying the therapeutic goodness of winding it  ready to begin the new project ....... Laura Aylors newest scarf pattern "So Happy Together".  I'm loving the texture that's being created with this easy knit.  Also loving using some of this yarn that I've had stashed for quite a bit ...... Merino with 15% silk in it  (the white and Blue yarn, Red is angora and the multi colour is from Little Plum Yarn).  Click on my ravelry link on the side bar and go to my projects page to see further details.

Another work in progress is Jaxsons  cotton crochet blanket ....... I'm just working on the edging now so it will be a finish in May.

Up to date on the "Down the Rabbit Hole" BOM with the next month pattern due out in a couple of days.

And just to add to April,  I decided I needed to improve my health and fitness ........ so I've bitten
the bullet and signed up for a round of 12WBT which begins on May 8.  I'm currently working on the preseason stuff which is super important!  I know this from previous rounds over the past few years as it gets your mindset in the right place and sets you up ready for the 12 weeks which tend to fly by before you have time to take a breath!!

So, what have you been up to this month??  Can't wait to hear ......
Hugs, Sharm

Monday, April 10, 2017

April Friday Night with Friends

The first week of April is down already, which of course meant the first Friday of the month
joining in with lots of other ladies around the world for some stitching of one kind or another with our lovely host Cheryll.  This time I did something totally different ...... I mentioned our daughter Stacey came up for a visit the other weekend and while she was here she had to sort through a pile of her clothes - she was a little sad to have to throw all her coloured denim shorts and a special pair of flowered denim jeans into the "opp shop" pile since they no longer fit her.   Well she has just found out she is scheduled for some surgery (something rather unexpected occurred a couple of months back and she was placed on a priority list) ......  So on Friday I figured I might just take those shorts and jeans out of the pile and cut them up .......... 
The Front

And turn them into a pillow for her ............ 
And the Back - the fav flowered jeans

I'm heading down to Melbourne on Wednesday to stay with her and take her into the  The Royal Womens Hospital on Thursday.  Strangely enough this is the hospital she was tranfered to by neonatal unit hours after she was born and placed on life support where she stayed hooked up for 3 very long days and nights while they waited to see if she was strong enough to fight and survive.  Three times during the first few months the doctors expected her to die ........ now here we are 27 and a half years later .......... I expect I'm going to have some very mixed emotions while waiting for her to come out of surgery!    Anyhow, I'll be taking the pillow down with me to give her and sure hope she embraces the fact that I cut her favourite jeans up lol

After working on the pillow, I turned to do some stitching on month 3 of Down the Rabbit Hole -
this month is working on leaves, the centre circle and then a border. 
I decided to pull out this cute little seal skin thimble that was sent to me all the way from Alaska by an online friend a few years ago.  I've held off using it for years, but decided it was time to use it.

Night time sees me sitting down for an hour or so in front of the TV and working on the ripple cotton crochet blanket for grandson Jaxson.  Still a while to go on it yet though!  A bit like this post which has had to wait since yesterday arvo for google photos to decide it was happy to play! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

7 Years!

Apparently my last 2 posts haven't actually published and are somewhere in cyberspace!!  How frustrating is that!!  So it's now 2 weeks or there abouts since I last posted, and I'll try to fill you in!  On March 26 it was 7 years since we collected the keys to the cottage here at Bundalong!  How time flies!!  So with the end of March I was able to make the OPAM report having finished 2 projects - the crochet blanket and a sewn chair cover.
  I do enjoy linking up with Peg and Kris for this "one project a month" as it's good to be able to look back and see what's been achieved during the year.  Of course I've also been keeping up with my two BOM's but since they are a block each month the projects won't be actually finished till the end of the year! The 3rd pattern is just out for down the rabbit hole as it get released the very last day of the month, so I'm currently working on cutting out little leaves for the flowers - I'll show you during the week sometime. 
This weekend gone we had daughter and partner come for a quick visit while they were up from Melbourne to attend a christening.  With the cold weather now beginning I gave John the beanie I made up for him in January and he was thrilled with it!  A very good reaction and he's planning to wear it to and from work!

For those wondering if I've started attacking that load of cotton yarn that arrived last week ....... well, of course I have lol ......... I've begun work on a  crochet ripple blanket for our youngest grandchild Jaxson in Bubblegum Crush, Orange and Lime Crush which were his chosen colours!
The first row of the ripple blanket

Progress on the Alternate Ripple

I fell for some magazines during the week and finally got to sit on the front veranda over the
weekend with a cuppa and begin having a bit of a read of them.  I'm really missing us not having our vegie patch - not much point with the house on the market ...... however a pumpkin vine has decided to grow in one of the patches which is kinda nice to have them covered in something!  It has quite big leaves compared to the normal pumpkin vine that has been growing here.  It's growing so fast that it already has a few decent sized pumpkins that can be seen growing!  I'm wondering if it's a Jap or maybe a Queensland Blue ..... guess I'll find out soon enough lol

That's it for me given this is the third time for writing this,..... I'm feeling a little despondent the past few days so I sure hope that passes soon - at least this week is my "short" working week so I'll get more days at home later in the week to get things done.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What's in a Day?

I arrived home from work last night to find hubbie had called into the post office to pick up my
parcel. The postie had left a card and I knew it was going to be the order from Bendigo Woollen Mills with the new Cotton Crush colours - a very limited edition for the month of March.  I warned him it was going to be a big parcel (just in case he decided to pick it up for me lol)......... I've had lots of fun already just looking at it and feeling how soft this cotton is!  I couldn't wait to open the bag and line them all up on my very messy table!  My table seems to get that way mid week when I'm busy at work and have several things on the go for evening stitching lol
 The cotton is what I mostly used in my
all lined up getting added to "the stash" data in Ravelry
Maryborough Veranda Blanket because of its softness and wonderful drape!  Most of this is earmarked for "lap blankets" for the grandies. DIL and cushion for the son.  Naturally I have some 4ply there in order to make myself a couple of tops or perhaps a dress??  I spent some time today getting it all entered into my "stash" area in Ravelry along with photos of each yarn.  I find this really useful when I'm planning projects etc as I can bring it up on my ipad quickly and easily to see if I have the right yarn already in stash!  Aren't these colours pretty!!!!

I'm an old fashioned girl at heart and I have to admit that I'm one of those who actually relishes being at home.  It's unfortunate that 3 days
one week and 4 days the alternate week I have to head out the door to "paid" work.  Leaving home just after 7am and getting back around 5 pm after a 90km round trip there isn't a lot of the day left for getting much done those days.  So, a day off can often be quite a busy day.  Busy as it is, I still relish it as I get to take 5 every now and then to slow the pace and do other things ....... like today sitting in the lounge room doing some hand stitching looking out the window you could see a house boat that's tied up to a mooring down on the river (The Murray River for those wondering - it forms part of the
See the top of the houseboat there between the trees?
border between New South Wales and Victoria).

It was raining this morning and looked set in (which it was until about 3pm when it cleared up and the sun came back out).  So I was able to sit this morning and reply to a couple of letters ...... the old fashioned snail mail.  I knew I had to head into the local town and so my plan was to get them written so I could post them off while I was in there (which I did).  So Lynda and Tracy ...... keep an eye out over the next week or two.  These girls both have blogs as well so click on their names to go and have a look.  While I was writing my letters I was blessed to have the postie drop off another letter from a dear friend, Lyn ........ I'll be getting a reply to you shortly.

After chores (chickens and cleaning and washing) and a trip to town to attend to a few errands I
I add a bit of grated Sard as well to give it a bit more Ooomph
decided it was time to get some more Laundry Liquid made up!  Usually I would make around 15-20 lts but at the moment I don't really want that much on hand.  I halved the amounts of the ingredients and have made it up to 7lts.  On average this works out to about $1 something for the whole 7 litres plus the time.  We are trying to save some extra dollars, plus I'm trying to get back to basics again (like I used to do once upon a time before things got so crazy with long drives to work more days than I had planned ........hmmmm, things don't always go to plan do they??).  Anyhow making my own laundry liquid is a great way of saving!  Over the weekend I spent some time grating up the soap. I keep the grated sunlight soap and the sard soap in separate glass jars so they are ready any time.   If you do this make sure you use the very tiny grater side since you want it as small as possible - it takes quite a bit of time to dissolve in water. Click on the page at the top of my blog that takes you to the recipe.  Just make sure you take the time to really dissolve the soap, otherwise once it cools it will separate which is not what you want.

I guess in a way it doesn't really sound like I did that much at all today, and yet the day went so quickly ....... and here I am with dinner cooking and chooks just about ready to be locked up for the night!  Luckily I got the bit of washing done that I had here today - decided that even though it was raining I would just pop it all on the clothes airers to slowly dry over the next couple days - but with the sun coming back out I took the airers outside and now all but a couple of things are dry and ready to be put away!  The simple things, the everyday things ......

I'm itching to get my crochet hook out and start on some of that cotton ........ perhaps later tonight
if I'm really lucky, otherwise it's going to have to wait till the weekend as I'm back to work again tomorrow!  I hope you have had a productive "hump day" and the rest of your week brings a blessing to you and yours.  I'll leave with a photo of this cute little cupcake I bought from work the other day when they were raising some funds.  It reminded me of my "Beehive Cabin"
Hugs Sharm

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March FNSI

Yesterday was the montly online Friday Night Sew In with Wendy from Sugarlane Designs.  It's a great way of putting aside that time to work on a project you might be doing!  I started earlier in the day since it was a rostered day off from work for me and managed to get the last bit of stitching done on this months block for Down the Rabbit Hole ......... with that up to date, I was able to get back to working on the February Block for Val Lairds BOM "Handpicked Wardrobe".  I'm really enjoying this little block of the month (which happens to be Free by the way). 

I'm mostly using scraps from my stash for this ..... I say mostly, since I am planning to add a few "little extras" - like the lovley felt I purchased last month from the quilting bus when it was visiting the local market at Yarrawonga!  It's a "Cottage Garden" make which came in a bundle of 5 squares called "noon". 

The thread I've used for the bag handle is one I had on hand from another "special" project a few years ago - I thought it was just perfect for the handbag.  I've yet to find a little "clasp" to add to the bag ...... I'll be keeping an eye out for "just the right thing" {smile}

And here it is next to the January Block. Block 3 is already out so I need to head over and download the pattern and instructions so I can make a start on it.  And yes, of course I have a plan for this little mini quilt ......It's going to getting put on a wall in the house up in Maryborough, Qld.  All these projects for our new house ....... lets pray we sell here soon so we can get busy in the new house and new chapter ........  In the meantime, it's back to the rest of the weekend.  Have a blessed time whatever you are doing
Hugs Sharm xo

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Cotton Crochet Afghan and Hexie Lovin

It's exciting to be able to tell you that the crochet blanket has been finished! I'm loving how it has turned, and I got some lovely comments when I posted some photos of it on Facebook and Ravelry! It's made from 8ply cotton - from Bendigo Woollen Mills and Stylecraft.  Both these brands have a lovely soft touch and drape to them that remains even after washing - which is why I love it!  I do find the Bendigo to be slightly softer.  I used a free flower pattern by Luba Davies  (D-0101 Floral afghan block by Crochet- atelier ) which can be found on Ravelry. 

 She has it done in several colours, however I chose to make the blocks in single colours.  I then edged each block in treble using the colour, Glacier then joined the blocks together with crochet.  I decided to pop on a lacy type of edging in snow, which I think sets the blanket off nicely! 

Now the crochet is complete I've been spending more time on my hexie tablecloth which is slowly coming together.  I still have one or two more signature hexies coming which is exciting. I'm currently trying to work out fitting the hexies around the centre embroidery which has been a little interesting, but it's getting there! I'm really hoping to get this project completed by the end of March - guess we shall see!  The problem is, I'm easily drawn to other projects once I see some beginning to come to an end!

So you won't be at all surprised when on another note, I'm wanting to get back to some smaller hexies for a few projects!  I spent this week improving things to make that task a little easier ......... I bought a 1" template, a small rotary cutter and a small cutting board that rotates!!!!!  I'm excited and can't wait for Friday when I have the day off and I'll be able to play!  And ...... I also bought a glue pen to help with the task! 

I even have some fabrics picked out ready to cut ......... so stay tuned for that one!  I'm hoping to use these for one of Lynnette Andersons designs that I stumbled upon the other day ..... I can't remember what the name of it was but perhaps I'll have a little more to share on that next EPP link up.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Rodeo Fun

Awaiting the action
It's been a long weekend here with Labour Day public holiday today which has given us a lovely relaxing time over the weekend. At late notice yesterday arvo we decided to head to Chiltern for the rodeo to meet up with a couple of other friends.  Chiltern is only about a 40min drive from here, so not too far at all.   It was a great arvo and evening - although not always able to see all the excitement of the riders ! I managed to get a couple of photos on my phone - not the best quality, but enough to remind us of our outing I also managed quite a bit of sewing, but I'll get that in another post this week.
Cowboy from Tully, Qld coming off the Bull