Friday, December 29, 2017

Relaxing and A New Photo

The old Header Photo
I think its that time of year ...... the last days of one year looking forward to the possibilities of the next year.  It's something we could actually do at any time of the year, but for some reason it's the thought of a bright shiny new year that makes it seem like the best time........ or perhaps its because this is the time where many of us get that breathing space - between Christmas and the New Year to just sit and "be" that enables us to have that space to reflect and dream and plan ..........   I thought that today was a good time to change my blog just a bit too ...... the old header had been there for a good number of years now, so it's definitely
time for a change ...... and given that we are waiting to move from here to another state, the "where to next" sign seemed appropriate to be on the header!  I also replaced the welcome picture on the sidebar with a vase of flowers from my garden which sits on a lovely table runner made by a dear friend of mine "Lyn" as a gift a number of years ago! 
I've been enjoying sitting and doing a bit of sewing - a couple of pot mitts were a request from Daughter at xmas; and then I made up this little thread/scrap holder. Actually I need to make a couple of

table runners as this year I really would like to do a bit of seasonal decorating ....... at least, I'm thinking about it!   In the meantime I've been spending my time crocheting up a few more dishcloths (some went to Melbourne for the daughter), but I needed some new ones here as well.  I also crocheted up a mat to pop under the kettle as the others are getting a bit old now. 

So as I take time this week to just relax, potter a bit in the garden and catch up on various bits of reading, I can't help but want to plan a few things too........ well, planning has to be rather basic when one is trying to sell a house!  But there are unfinished projects from this year .......  The quilt "Down the Rabbit Hole" which I am a couple of months behind with, but will then need to have a backing and be quilted and bound (I'm thinking this could take another entire year to get done!) - the rabbits on these borders are huge!; 
More hand stitching has been accomplished!
Then there is the Hexie Tablecloth that I was in the middle of putting together when everything had to be folded up to move half our household items and furniture up to Maryborough - Translation: When I find which container I put it in, I'll be able to get back to it!!   I also didn't get any further than the first 2 parts of Val Lairds Hand Picked Wardrobe (see the sidebar) .......... and I started a little hexie table runner designed by Michelle Ridgeway (Edit: after going searching it is actually a Lynette Anderson design only available as a class) - I stumbled on this pattern as a free trial ..... but the trial stopped after the hexie bit and with 2 mortgages each week till we sell I just couldn't afford at the time to pay for the rest of the online lesson.  It looked fabulous and I certainly learnt a much simpler

way of making a hexie than the way I'd self taught myself ...... so hopefully I can find this again and I'll get a spare change jar going as I remember thinking how much I loved it!   Actually I need to make a couple of table runners as this year I really would like to do a bit of seasonal decorating ....... at least, I'm thinking about it! 
Then comes the planning with the yarn stash!  That's going to need a bit more planning lol .....
I must show you this lovely bowl my hubbie made for me for Christmas!  It's his first ever bowl, made from a burl he cut off a Red Gum whilst out getting fire wood during the year.  He improvised with tools, since most of his tools are in boxes in Queensland at the other house - I'm blown away with the wonderful job he made of it!  It's just soooo smooth and a great size! 

The weather here has been super hot  here, nudging the 40's .....and thankfully last night we got a

storm which has given the garden and lawns a good drink.  Still got some cloud cover today which is keeping the temps down a little!  It's done wonders for those bean seeds I popped in just last week as well as the cucumber and tomato plants!  The cucumber is flowering already, so I am pleased I went ahead and put something into the garden since we will be having salads for a while yet!

Anyhow I'm off now to enjoy a cuppa and maybe look at a book or magazine ..... or even look through some of those containers in search for those projects that need finishing ........
I hope you are enjoying this time of year where things are just a little less stressed and everyone seems to be ready to sit back and relax!  Take care my friends until next time. 
Hugs Sharm
The lovely cup and saucer I received from Jaron, Nay and the grandies


Chookyblue...... said...

Is good to have a change about...... The bowl is gorgeous......

Lin said...

Lots of nice plans for 2018 and I like the new header. Beautiful bowl! Have a great 2018. xx

Lorrie said...

This is a great time for thinking about new projects (or finishing ones already begun). I'm doing the same thing - lots of thinking and not much doing! When I look outside at the rain pelting down and the very grey sky, it's hard to imagine the heat and sun you're experiencing. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm lovely new header,my grandies do my computer stuff for me,lol.
Wishing you and your family a safe and happy new Year my friend xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a beautiful bowl your husband made, just precious. Change is good when it grows us, when it prompts us to let go of the unnecessary, and to move forward in the good things. May this coming year bless you deeply, may the Lord sell your old home and remove that stress and expense from your lives, and may you find delight in the work of your hands. xxx

Jo said...

What a lovely bowl made by your hubby. He has great talent... Good to have a change for your header. Let's hope enough have some good sales vibes this coming year.. Good luck.. Just keep living how you want. Don't go into stale mode.

Anthea said...

Oh I do love the new header - you're right, it's great to have a change-up of blog look, & this time of year is a good time to do it.
I'm sure you will enjoy some lovely new projects in 2018!

Mrs. Doug said...

Ahhh summer... I can't wait. It's been in the negative degree F temps since forever... we've had soo much cold that people are having a hard time with pipes freezing and that in a place where we are no stranger to winter weather. I rec'd 6 or 8 seed catalogs which I'm drooling over. I'm not sure why because I don't buy anything that unusual... always the same. Winter and summer squash, Italian green beans - the pole type, tomatoes, peas, kale, chard, and maybe one unusual item. Last year we tried a new type of tomato which we really didn't care for at all. I'm hoping that spring will come sooner than usual since we've had so much cold already. Happy Christmas and hope your New Year is blessed with many great things.