Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Limbo Land

The Buddlia Bush in Flower
It's been a tough year being stuck in Limbo with the house here on the market since November 2016 - its difficult to plan anything much at all when you don't know if you will still be living in this state in a months time or shifting ....... whether that be planning the vegie garden, holiday planning or applying for a different position at work ...... so I am extremely pleased to finally be on annual leave from work for a whole 3 weeks - time in which to be able to locate myself again!  
Up Close - love the dark purple which looks lighter in the photo

Towards the end of one year and the start of the next I've always looked at that time as a reflection and planning time for myself ....... a little tricky when one is waiting to move 2 states away - so planning is slightly problematic. 

 I've decided I at least need to have a few vegies in regardless.  Luckily I threw in some potatoes that had started to grow. I decided to pop them into the old rusted out tin and continue to cover them over as they grew and see how it went - I pushed it over a few days ago and ended up with 1.8kgs of nice fresh potatoes which we have enjoyed eating! 

That's kind of what enticed me to just bite the bullet, regardless of when we may or may not sell and just get some vegies planted ..... tomatoes, cucumber, more potatoes, a capsicum and some bean seeds have been planted.  I also put the end of a sweet potato into some water and its beginning to sprout so I'll need to look and see again just what I do with it ...... I seem to be using more of these lately
 And meantime many of the cuttings I took last year (in order to take with us to the new house), have survived and possibly need either repotting into larger pots or else I may need to plant them out in the garden and take more cuttings - something I hadn't really expected to be doing.  I really don't want to be purchasing plants when I know I could have taken cuttings from here for nothing! However the number of pots seems to be multiplying ........ hmmmm
What's not multiplying are the chooks - we had a fox attack about 10 days or so ago and ended up
loosing 3 of our hens ..... poor old Henrietta (the New Hampshire) and Scarlett (the silky) and Alice (xbreed) all died and have been buried.  Thankfully they were old and had a good life and I won't have to worry about what to do about them when we do move.  That just leaves Mary (the little pekin who is also around 8yrs, but a good mother and very cute ...... currently hiding somewhere in the yard or under the house sitting on eggs I haven't been able to locate!); Suzette the youngest and one of scarlets off springs has also decided to go clucky as of yesterday;  leaving Penalope who is about 4yrs old and still laying ..... but wandering the yard on her own these days!  Needless to say I won't be getting any new hens or chicks until we sell here and move north.

I finally picked up the crochet hook a couple of days ago to work on some dishcloths.  I'm really not sure about what yarn projects I may or may not do next, although I do have 2 more cushion covers to finish off for Renee and Jaron for the set I gave them on their birthdays this year.  Anyhow, I'm off to grab a cup of tea before I start work on some dinner preparation ....... till next time,


Jo said...

Such a shame you haven't sold. Keep going and plant those veggies. It gives you something to do and enjoy. If you sell the new owners might enjoy them too. Don't look back..

Maria said...

How frustrating for you; you really are in limbo! Good on you though, for doing some veggie gardening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm,hope your home sells soon for you.
You sure have a green thumb there my friend,wishing you and your family a merry xmas and a happy and safe New Year xx