Saturday, December 23, 2017

December FNSI

Last night and on into today depending on where exactly you live in the world - it was the last virtual Friday Night Sew In for 2017, hosted by Wendy at Suarlane Designs!  It was just what I needed to help with a bit of Mojo therapy.  I started early and pulled out my "Down the Rabbit Hole" quilt top to continue on that - managed to place another rabbit onto the first border and begin the process of hand sewing it into place. I didn't take a photo since not much to show just yet.  Next I decided I really desperately needed to make a new apron.  You see I only kept 2 of mine here and had packed the others which were sent north for whenever we move - well the 2 left here finally became thread bare and both ripped over the past month to the point where they just can't be used any longer!  I did make them a good number of years ago, so they have done well as I use my aprons on a daily basis to protect my clothes when I'm cooking and often when I'm out in the garden gathering. I prefer to make my own aprons as I like a large pocket at the front to hold various items, wider ties at
the waist and an easy loop to go over the neck!  Luckily I found some material in the stash I have here but had to use the back of some Christmas wrapping to draw up another pattern!  It can be a pain when half or two thirds of your stuff is packed in boxes 2 states away!!  Still, I'm very happy with how the apron came out.  I'll need to make another one before long but at least I have 1 now.
Then this morning I decided I would being a CAL (crochet along) with a facebook group making a mochila bag.  I've never even tried one of these before so it's a bit of a learning curve. It requires cotton yarn and luckily I have enough cotton from the blankets to use for this bag.   I managed, after a few false starts, to finally get going on it, up to the point of the first colour change coming in ......... then went to do a few things ..................

 hmmmm, well to cut a long story short my right hand got trapped in a heavy old fashioned window that slid down with some force and I was trapped yelling in pain for Peter to come help me.  By the time he found where I was (I guess it wasn't that long, but it sure felt like it), I was actually in a bit of shock - I couldn't actually stand up or stop sobbing - he thought I may have broken my hand or split the finger with the blood that was flowing -  on closer inspection he managed to check and it stitches were not going to be needed and it seemed neither finger or knuckles were broken.  Lots
of Ice and TLC and it's come out looking not too bad, just somewhat sore still.  Hopefully more crocheting in a day or two.  Very pleased that hubbie was here and that I don't have a broken hand for the holidays!!
I pray you all have a safe Christmas!  
Hugs Sharm


Anthea said...

Oh I do love the new apron, well done Sharmayne!
Merry Christmas x

Lin said...

Oh dear! What a shame about your hand - I hope it is recovering. Nice apron. Have a lovely Christmas. xx

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year, Sharm :) x

Susan said...

Oops...that sounds very the crocheting!