Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Townsville Part 2 - Family time

Makeup and Nails for Grandma by Miss Jacey - Jax gettting in on the act
Well first off - Happy New Year to you all!  I'm a little afraid with just how quickly the New Year is already flying ...... First of all though our Trip to Townsville for Christmas was lovely - lots of time with the grandies and our son and DIL and helping them with getting things set up in their new home.  Since I'm running out of time this morning, I'm just going to put up some of the family photos and then share a bit more in the next post which I'll hopefully get to this arvo after work!  Have a great day, hugs Sharm xo

Eldest Grandson Jarryn at the Santa line up

Christmas Day Chaos lol

Jacey loved the apron I made and luckily it fits!

Our Son Jaron & little Jax taking time out

Santa Line up