Saturday, January 19, 2019

On Crochet and Roots ....

It's taken almost a week to try getting this post written, but I wanted to link up with Jenny who is

taking each Tuesday to spend time doing a bit of a study from the book Domesticity by Jane Brocket 

In this weeks section Jenny asked a couple of questions:

What crafts or creative domestic activities did you pursue when you were young?.....  And ......Have you continued with them?
My Grandmother had a huge impression on me not just growing up, but also once I'd had our own children. When I was around the age of 10 she taught me how to crochet.  It's something I still do today as many of you know.  
Crocheted shopping bags ready by the door
Hubby and I have spent much of our married life having to "make ends meet" and this I've found
leads to lots of creativity! Sewing curtains, bed covers and such became the "norm" (although I do need to get a new quilt cover finished for our bed which is a bit larger now than the old one we had) Even as a child growing up we had very little - I remember needing shelves as a teenager for my bedroom to put my books and School Study stuff in ..... I ended up with 2 cardboard boxes that I glued together and covered with pretty Contact Paper - they did a great job for almost 2 years!  

If I can make something for our home, then I usually do rather than spending money on buying the item!  In the Kitchen you will find my aprons, dishcloths, pot mits, Trivets  (ahem .....after taking a photo of my much used dishcloths, it would seem it's time to make a new batch!)  FNSI hosted by Wendy last night (although the weekend is always utilized), may see me doing some of these later today!

In the lounge room there are crocheted blankets - both in thick wool and in the cooler cotton when
you just need something light to throw over you.

I do make lots of things for gifts and these vary depending on the type of craft ....... and as many of you know, I learnt to knit a few years back and have been able to knit items of clothing which has been amazing!

My love of Gardening also came about through need.  God showed me how I could utilize so many things around me in order to make a garden ...... both for enjoyment and for use! 
 Currently I'm working on creating the garden in our new home. I worked on changing this area from lawn to garden last weekend ..... it will gradually be extended out to form more of a semi circle area bit by bit..........
  Some of the garden is already established, while other areas are waiting for me to turn them into garden areas........... even the veranda's get their fill of plant life to make it more lush and relaxing to sit in .......... and while we are on the veranda ........ 

I recently changed the room off of it from the study to having the Futon which I think works soooo much better!  There is still room for somebody to be able to use this room to sleep in if the other
guest room is busy, but with my bookshelves in here its now become much more relaxing to look at from the veranda area and is used far more (at least by me lol), as a wonderful nook to lay back and read a book or magazine!

........ and now I can show you those lovely pillowcases my friend Lyn made me for Christmas!  They are just perfect for in here and I love them ....... Thanks again Lyn!
Well here is where I will finish today ...... there is much happening and while I began this post around 6am this morning - it is now 2.30PM and we have been out to the Dam/Lake in between time where I spent 2.5hrs paddling around in my Kyack with a friend while the boys were out fishing in the boats!  But now I must get some crafting done ....... I seem to have quite the list of bits and pieces that need to be done to put those touches to my home ....... and to my daughters home!  (She and her partner just love the homemade dishcloths and kitchen towels and when the supply gets down I get a request for more ..... its a rather lovely thing to know your handiwork is sooooo appreciated!)  Take care all,
Hugs Sharm


Beca said...

That's about how old I was when I learned to crochet. It was my mom who taught me. I enjoyed it back then even at that young age. I love a home with handmade things spread out all over the house. They're all made with love. What could be better?
xx Beca

retdairyqueen said...

I enjoyed seeing your crafting and garden

Maria said...

It lovely to see you still use the skills you were taught by your Grandma many years ago. It;s great how you're creating a beautiful living area inside as well as the garden..

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Your homer is filled with lovely things you have made. I think it's so much nicer to have a handmade home than lots of mass produced bought items :)

Susan said...

Lots of busy-ness happening there.

africanaussie said...

that little room with a futon and a bookcase would be my favourite too! i am loving the memories of how everyone began learning these gentle crafts.

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