Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Friends ......

We were lucky to be able to catch up with a few friends while we were in Townsville ..... our old neighbours Ros (short for Roslyn) and Wayne (but I forget to grab a photo of us all. We really enjoyed catching up with them and Ros showed Pete some of her orchids ...... which then led to us visiting an orchid nursery to get some for Pete as his Christmas Gift. These are the photos of what they will look like when they do flower .... for now we have little bitty ones to look after .

 I had originally thought I'd get him a camping chair ...... He couldn't resist trying out this camping chair in one of the shops lol    And naturally when it looks like this ........ I couldn't resist taking a photo lol

Then I was able to catch up with one of the girls from our 50+Fit and Healthy FB group which we
Kayleen and I
started back in 2013 when we did a 12WBT program.  Over the years many from our Aussie Wide group have been able to meet up in various places.  After the initial 12wbt program we made the decision to keep the group closed and it's worked really well in making some wonderful friendships!

I was also lucky to be able to meet up with Jenny who is know to a number of embroiders in the Blogging world from her blog Elefantz .  If you don't know about her wonderful designs you should definitely stop by her blog and new Etsy shop to take a look.  We had a fun time together exploring the garden as well as the sewing room while the husbands talked plumbing and "boy stuff" lol.  
Jenny and I having fun with Selfies 
Bushland Beach walks during our stay
We left Townsville on Boxing Day and did the 12hr drive in one hit.  Usually I'm busy crocheting during long drives ...... but this time I found myself busy taking photos of all sorts of things as we drove along ........lots of crochet designs swimming along in my head ......  hopefully I get some time this year to put them into reality.  Some of the scenery is just amazing! 

Back home I only had a couple of days before heading back to work ........ but long enough to be able to have a bit of a think about plans for 2019.  We really want to spend this year putting the house in order (ridding ourselves of clutter and getting things just how we want them to be to suit us) ....... working on the garden (way tooo many ideas and suggestions going on with both of us there lol) ....... regaining my fitness and health (which took a downhill turn the past 18months) ......... So my Word for this year is ...........
The weekend just gone we had to drive down to see Dad in Brisbane ....... it was nice to be back in my old stomping grounds of Wynnum.  After the big drive to Townsville in my little car, we realized we needed to upgrade Petes old ute to a newer model and with a dual cab so it could be used for longer trips giving us the advantage of being able to "walk" on arrival rather than both having sore lower backs like we did after the 12hr stint!  So after work on Thursday we picked up the new ute before heading down to Wynnum  were we stayed a couple of nights.

After an early morning run/walk along the foreshore, Pete and I found a little place to go and enjoy a relaxing breakfast before heading around to see Dad.

 Friday was spent with Dad sorting out bits and pieces and taking him to various places to do things ....... including Bunnings for potting mix and a few other goodies lol  I think we enjoyed that more than the doctor or Chemist lol, but Dad and I managed a bite to eat at MacDonalds which he tends to enjoy (smile)

 We got to catch up with a
5am along the Wynnum Foreshore
couple of friends for dinner Friday night and then my old friend Kaye came for a 6am walk along the foreshore with me before we left to make the 3-4hr drive back home again.

  Kaye and I became friends when our daughter became besties at kindergarden!  Over the years we have managed to catch up in lots of places both in Vic and Qld!

And speaking of wonderful friendships ......... I was really blessed when we arrived back from Townsville and had a parcel turn up from Lyn with a pair of beautiful handmade pillow cases!  I love them Lyn and look forward to showing them off in my next post!  I have just the spot for them.  Time for me to finish here this evening.
Have a wonderful evening everyone
Hugs Sharm xo


Beca said...

Merry times with lots of good friends. I am familiar with Jenny of Elefantz. I visit her blog frequently. She's very talented and inspiring. Nice to catch up with you Sharm. ♥
xx Beca

Maria said...

What a great time and it was lovely to catch up with family friends .. Good to see Jenny too...

Susan said...

I certainly don't envy you the trip to Townsville - DD1 & husband drove down from Townsville to Brisbane for Christmas - with the dog = 17 hours on the road..But looks like you had a fabulous time.

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